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Rolling Nature - Revolutionizing Green Thinking

Rolling Nature, is a place for avid nature lovers & gardening enthusiasts. Rolling nature has a great collection of indoor plants with beautiful pots online. We provide Good Luck Feng Shui, Air-purifying, and Ornamental plants for customers. We emphasize the use of plants as alternative gifts for any occasion or events. We call it Green Gifting.

Why choose normal gifts when you can give a live plant instead that lasts forever! Gifting a plant comes with advantages like: reducing carbon footprints, increasing workplace efficiency, enhancing aesthetic appeal and creating a green value. It also adds towards the company's environmental responsibility, a part of corporate social responsibility initiatives.

We are a live plants company offering customised Corporate Green Gifting. Our notable corporate clientele include: Ola, ITC, Royal Purandar, Symbiosis Group of Institutes, Zamil Steel India, ZS Associates, Hyatt Hotel Pune, Sancheti Hospital, Synefra Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd., Marsh India Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd, Sokrati, Hinjewadi Industries Association and many more.

With the passion to provide great products and service, Rolling Nature is committed to getting you the freshest, handpicked, and quality-checked plants, guaranteed. Sharing and gifting a plant lets you straightaway connect with Mother Nature and helps you to be environmentally and socially responsible. Our unique features include availability of each plant as ready to grow (With pot & potting mix), how to take care manuals & growth requirement specific to each plant, 100% quality control on each product we sell, exclusive packing keeping in mind the fragile plants .One can get comprehensive information on each & every plant, with specific how-to-take-care guide of all plants.

All our plants are carefully selected by hand, prepped, bagged, wrapped and boxed in specially designed plant boxes to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition to our customers. We try our best to minimise the transit period so that plant reaches to you in good health after dispatch.  We pay meticulous attention to every detail to ensure that our customers can enjoy the many benefits of plants we provide. Our commitment to our customers is best exemplified through the professional manner, high skill-level and passion of our Customer Service Specialists.

We also provide plant packages and green landscaping for indoor workspaces. Our goal is to consistently provide you with the best in products, service and price. Rolling Nature recognizes that first impressions last. Therefore, we want your first impression to be the most positive and enjoyable experience possible. We want you to feel just how much we value your satisfaction. We understand that customer satisfaction is paramount and we want to share our customer service excellence with you.


We develop plants by tissue culture in highly equipped facility in aseptic conditions. They are cared and nurtured for almost 2-3 months in green houses to reach the size you receive. We provide the water, care and natural sunlight essential for them to grow healthy and strong. Since there is no middleman, they go straight to your door.


Our plant quality experts ensure that plants are healthy and without any infection when they are picked up for your order. They are meticulously selected by hand, prepped, bagged, wrapped. As a rule, only healthy pest-free specimens are transported. 

When you order a plant, it is hand selected in order to make sure that it is in perfect condition - absolutely ready for the journey to you or your recipient. All plants need preconditioning to meet environmental conditions to be encountered in transit or at the final destination. We add nutrient medium before dispatch so that the plant gets nourished through its journey to you. All our plants are carefully boxed in specially designed plant boxes to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition to our customers. The box have holes in them so that to let fresh air in. Plants are given priority over non-living items during all phases of transportation and handling. 

We try our best to minimize the transit period so that plant reaches to you in good health after dispatch. With all the work that goes into developing, growing, digging, dividing plants, repotting, quality check, packing and shipping a "LIFE”, we just can say that the live plants you receive are precious. They are not like other non-living items or consumer goods.


All live plant products have a 7-Day Freshness Guarantee and we will gladly replace any plant that’s damaged during transit or not up to your expectations. Just share the image of the delivered product within 24 to 48 hrs. of the plant receipt and mail us at care@rollingnature.com.  We have earned our name through top quality products, customer satisfaction with extended customer support services. We take our customers requests on top priority and resolve any issue that comes to us at the earliest. 

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To contact us, send an email to care@rollingnature.com, or call us at 91- 8698407574.

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