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Air Purifying Snake Plant Sansevieria in Yellow Colorista Pot
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Air Purifying Snake Plant Sansevieria in Yellow Colorista Pot

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  • Material: Natural Air Purifying Plant & High Grade Quality Plastic Pot, Qty: 1 (Plant with Pot)
  • Pot Color: Orange,Pot Diameter: 5 Inches, Height: 5.5 inches
  • Plant with Pot Height: 10-14 Inches
  • Best Air purifying Plant Approved by NASA
  • Releases Night Time Oxygen

Wonderful corner plant! While all plants purify air-borne toxins the snake plant is among the top plant's tested and added to a list by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) for removing, benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful toxins. Of all the different oxygen producing plants, this one is unique since it converts a lot of CO2 (carbon dioxide) to O2 (oxygen) at night, making it ideal to have indoors. It is one of the best plant to curb "Sick Building Syndrome" and increase work productivity.Sansevierias or as they are commonly called Snake Plants or Mother-in-law's Tongue have a rich history of folklore and new science. These plants have a rich history of cultivation. In China, it was kept as a treasured houseplant because the Eight Gods bestowed their eight virtues on those who grew them. These virtues include long life, prosperity, intelligence, beauty, art, poetry, health and strength. The plants were kept near the entrances inside the home so that the eight virtues could pass through in a manner pre-Feng Shui. These plants also were placed in fine restaurants, herbalists, acupuncturists, doctor's offices, accountant's offices, banks, shrines, monastaries, and even in rice paddies. Sansevierias were grown and cherished well before the Chinese ti plant (Dracaena spp.) also known as the Good Luck Bamboo! It is one of "hard to kill" and "easiest plant to grow".

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