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Dieffenbachia Camilla in White Square Colorista Pot
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Dieffenbachia Camilla in White Square Colorista Pot

Product Code: PLDB01SC-W
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* Material: Natural Plant & High Grade Quality Plastic Pot
* Color: White
* Plant Height with Pot: 8 inches To 12 inches
* Pot Height: 5 inches (13 cm), Width: 5.5 inches (14 cm)
* Quantity: 1 Piece (Plant With Pot)

Bring home a Dieffenbachia! It is an attractive plant with beautiful leaves and it is fairly easy to keep and grow. Because it grows upright, it's an excellent choice to grow along an empty wall or near a large piece of furniture. It adds flair and drama to bedrooms, dens, offices, and other rooms.

Dieffenbachia is a top pick for brightening dim corners indoors. Dieffenbachia Camilla a smaller variety, adds fun color as indoor potted plant.

Light: Place dumb cane where it will receive moderate or filtered light. One way to provide just the right amount of light is to place the plant near a sunny window in a position where the direct rays of the sun never quite reach it. Turn the pot frequently so that the plant gets light from all angles.

Water: Water the plant often enough to keep the soil lightly moist but never wet or soggy. Droopy leaves indicate that the plant needs water and brown tips indicate that you are waiting too long between waterings. Dieffenbachia doesn’t require high humidity, but will benefit from occasional misting.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children and pets as it is toxic. Always wash hand after working with the plant. Note: Clean the leaves by using wet sponge or wet cloth to or spray them thoroughly with mister sprayer.

Important: Upon delivery please remove any packaging from the plant. Water thoroughly, preferably by standing the plant in a bucket of water for 10 minutes or so, as the plant may have been in transit for few days. We hope our plant will give you many years’ pleasure.

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