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Golden Pothos and Syngonium Air Purifying Plants Combo in Red Colorista Pot
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Golden Pothos and Syngonium Air Purifying Plants Combo in Red Colorista Pot

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  • Material: Natural Plant & Quality Plastic Pot
  • Color: Red
  • Plant Height: 8 inches To 10 inches
  • Pot Width: 10 cm, Pot Height: 10 cm
  • Quantity: 2 Piece (Plant With Pot), Safe Packaging and Secure Delivery

Pothos are well known as an easy, beginners houseplant. Place them in the southeast of your home. Scientists recommend keeping one plant near each computer, television, or WiFi router to absorb radiations. Placing a money plant in front of a sharp corner or angle reduces anxiety and stress.They also act as air purifiers. They are efficient at removing airborne toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide. Light: Give the Pothos bright, indirect sunlight. Too much sunlight can burn the foliage. Water: When the soil looks dry at the top its time to water the plant, and give the Pothos enough water so that it drains from the bottom of the pot, but don't allow it to sit in water. The five lobed shape of Syngonium podophyllum/ Goosefoot leaves represents the five Feng Shui elements; water, fire, earth, wood and metal. Thus it perfectly balances Yin and yang energy and encourages positive chi or energy. It also cleanses the air. It is a good air purifier that helps you get rid of formaldehyde. The arrowhead plant is recommended for smokers or people who do a lot of home cooking. Syngonium is an easy to care for plant that is well adapted to indoor environments. Light: Bright light, but no direct sun. Can tolerate low light, but the leaves may lose their variegation. Turn pot regularly for even growth. Water: Keep the potting mix moist in summer, allowing the surface to dry out before watering again. Water less often in winter, letting the top half of the potting mix, dry out.Important: Upon delivery please remove any packaging from the plant. Water thoroughly, as the plant may have been in transit for several days.

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