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Good Fortune Combo
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Good Fortune Combo

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Lucky Bamboo

* Material: Natural Plant & Unbreakable Poly Carbonate Bowl
* Color: Transparent
* Plant Height:  8 inches ( 22 cm)
* Pot Diameter: 4 inches (10 cm), Height: 2 inches (5 cm)

* Quantity: 3 Piece: 1 Plant With Bowl, 1 Lucky Buddha (3 inches height made of Polyresin) and 1 greeting card

The Laughing Buddha is one of the most popular symbols used by Feng Shui Consultants for enhancing the goodluck and wealth.This Buddha is regarded as one of the gods of wealth and keeping this symbol at home is said to bring prosperity, happiness and success.


Facing the main door- Many feng shui consultants recommend placing the Buddha opposite the main front door of a home, on a table, that is about thirty inches in height. 
This location allows Buddha to interact with the chi coming in from the door. From this position, he can neutralize the chi, and make it lucky
In the living room: Buddha is also quite comfortable in the living room. The best position for Buddha in the living room is facing towards the front door. 
On a desk: For all the students out there, placing Buddha on a desk is perfectly acceptable. He can help in assisting the student in fulfilling his or her goals. 
Office table or reception's desk: For those that own a business, placing Buddha on a reception’s desk can help bring prosperity to your business. 
While there is no bad spot to place a Buddha in, this is the one caveat. Some feng shui experts frown upon placing Buddhain a bedroom or dining area. Other than these two locations, however, you can place Buddha just about anywhere. 

A perfect gift for all occasions . According to Feng-Shui, the Lucky Bamboo 2 Layer is the best option to bring fortune, health, wealth, abundance and prosperity to your home or office.

Bamboo is considered lucky because of its vitality, flexibility and strong growth.The plant should represent each of the five elements: wood, water, earth, metal and fire. The bamboo stalk itself represents the wood, and the water it is grown in symbolizes the water. To represent earth, add few pebbles. To be sure that your plant also represents metal, put a metal coin in the bowl. Finally, for the fire element the lucky bamboo comes along with red ribbon tied on it.

Place the bamboo in lucky direction in the eastern section of your home or desk which represents family in Feng Shui. If you want to invite wealth into your life, place the plant in the wealth area of your home, located in the Southeast, to activate that energy.

Easy to maintain as it does not require any sunlight, and can be kept anywhere inside the house. Care for your plant by keeping clean, fresh water in the vase. Water quality influences the look of the plant. Use filtered water as excess minerals in tap water can turn the plant yellow or brown. Maintain the level of the water at one inch above the bottom of the stalks. 

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