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Lucky Bamboo- 3 Layer
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Lucky Bamboo- 3 Layer

Lucky Bamboo- 3 Layer

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·         Material: Natural Plant & Glass Bowl

·         Plant Height: 8 to 10 ( 22 to 25 cm)

·         Pot Diameter: 4 inches (10 cm), Height: 2 inches (5 cm)

·         Quantity: 1 Piece (1 Plant With Bowl)

·         Feng-Shui Good Luck Plant for Health, Wealth and Abundance

A perfect gift for all occasions. According to Feng-Shui, the Lucky Bamboo 3 Layer is the best option to bring fortune, health, wealth, abundance and prosperity to your home or office. Bamboo is considered lucky because of its vitality, flexibility and strong growth. The plant should represent each of the five elements: wood, water, earth, metal and fire. The bamboo stalk itself represents the wood, and the water it is grown in symbolizes the water. To represent earth, add few pebbles. To be sure that your plant also represents metal, put a metal coin in the bowl. Finally, for the fire element the lucky bamboo comes along with red ribbon tied on it. Much of the luck that is associated with bamboo comes from the number of stalks bunched together or woven together into an arrangement. The number of stalks determines the kinds of energy the plant attracts into your home and life. Always remember, the more stalks in the planter, the greater the blessing of good fortune and luck.

How to install the Rolling Nature Lucky Bamboo

1. Carefully take out the roots of the Bamboo plant from the polybag filled with Jelly. Throw the water absorbent jelly which was used to provide plant nourishment during transit.

2. Carefully insert the Lucky Bamboo plant into the bowl. 3. Water the plant with soft water (Drinking water).


Place the bamboo in lucky direction in the eastern section of your home or desk which represents family in Feng Shui. If you want to invite wealth into your life, place the plant in the wealth area of your home, located in the Southeast, to activate that energy.


Easy to maintain as it does not require any sunlight, and can be kept anywhere inside the house. Care for your plant by keeping clean, fresh water in the vase. Water quality influences the look of the plant. Use filtered water as excess minerals in tap water can turn the plant yellow or brown. Maintain the level of the water at one inch above the bottom of the stalks.

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