Creating a Plant-Loving House

Creating a Plant-Loving House


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Are you wondering about setting up your very home with flowering scents and beauty? You’re in the right place. Indoor plants are a great addition to residential buildings, restaurants, eateries, vacation centers, and even offices. Planting at home improves the home’s aesthetics, they clean the air by removing the carbon monoxide in the air and ejecting the air with human needed oxygen.  

How do you make your home greener?

Creativity: there are a lot of ways to be creative with home plants, you can decide to buy plant hangers to create hanging gardens, geometric pots, green centerpieces for the dining table, office table, and all other preferable parts of the house. It must be unique and thus, it directs the eyes of the visitor away from other items of the house.

Light: Plants require light to grow and glow, the process of photosynthesis. It's required that you provide sufficient light for plant growth in your home. This can be done by creating an artificial window to direct the sunshine into the plants or providing one when remodeling the house later. However, the inability to provide an artificial redirection of sunlight should not dissuade you from making your home greener as other methods can be employed.

Air: Plants grown without thorough circulation of air are at higher risks of getting diseases. As you prepare for indoor plants, you have to ensure that you provide adequate ventilation for the growth of your plants. Windows can be widened to provide direct air from the environment for the plant, as well you can invest in a small fan to provide adequate air for your plants.

Temperature: it should be noted that if seeds are to be planted, the home is required to be warm, as warmth is a necessary condition for the germination of seeds. LED light can be invested on to provide the needed warmth also, it's required to acquire a seed heating mat or a smart thermostat. These make the plants grow beautifully and glowing. Something else that could be used for heating is a good water heater. For this, you might consider water heater replacement, you will not only help the house get warmer but get renovations done in your bathroom as well.

Size and color: the size of plants, color, and types for the home should be diversified, all you need to do is make your research on your preferred plant types, what is required for germination and there you are! 

Grow tents 

A grow tent is a compact, eco-friendly grow room made of a sturdy canvas exterior and usually has reflective interior material to increase the effectiveness of its built-in grow lights. Grow tents provide a confined space with grow lights and space to grow green plants indoors. 

This tent system also offers resistance to retain the heat that the grow lights produce at the same time stimulating plant growth.

Why you must consider growing tents

Grow tents take away most of the worries associated with growing indoors, like building a grow room and organizing that space. About that, grow tents provide the choice of having different growing environments in the same room — either beside each other or separated, all depending on preferences.

Setting up your grow tents


  • Gather all tools and supplies necessary for your grow tents, read through the manual provided for the tents.


  • Make sure you get the needed tools that were not included in the purchase of your tent.


  • Assemble grow tents, tents are of different type and size, it could be square or rectangular, before you begin, check your preferred location if the tent will fit in nicely.


  • As stated earlier, light, ventilation, and temperature are some of the basic requirements of plant growth. Set up good light conditions, temperature gauge, and good ventilation in your tent for your plant growth.


  • Check to make sure the electrical linking is secure, the wires are taken off the floor where they could get wet, to ensure maximum safety.


As said earlier, each indoor plant has its own set of prerequisites. Before bringing in a plant, it is important to make a review of your home, to make sure that it can provide all the requirements. You don’t want to be dejected when your plants don’t grow as you would want them to. The good thing, however, is that there is always a way for each requirement.

About the Author: 
Monica Gibson is a business-savvy decoration expert. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. She has eight-plus years of experience in interior and exterior design. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet home. Monica puts a big effort into working with her clients and tries to help them in the best way she can. 
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