Collection: Pitcher

Inspired by Mexican Dripware

Bring home the Vintage look with vibrant plants in colorful pitcher collection by Rolling Nature.  These pots are inspired by Mexican Majolica dripware and are doubly fired for that extra glazed look. The bold contrasting colors and free flowing drip look make them a style statement when kept indoors. Eye catching and beholding, Glazed Drip Pitcher is the new entrant. The freshest air purifying plants, or good luck plants in these vintage planters will bring the "wow" factor too any space.

Did you know that indoor air is polluted too? We actually spent 90% of our life time indoors. So, why don't we bring garden indoors and breathe fresh? Live little plants are a sheer pleasure to human eyes. They add vibrant aesthetic appeal to any dull or boring interiors. Indoor plants add a considerable amount of fresh air, so that you feel energized and productive. They combat air pollution and provides a cleaner indoor air quality. Moreover, they help you to stay healthy, fit and fine. 

Rolling Nature provides you Freshest Hand Picked, Quality Checked Ready to Display Plants. You can choose from NASA Approved Air Purifiers, Fengshui/ Vastu Good Luck Plants, or scintillating ornamentals. We are a pioneer in green gifting! Having said that we have developed a unique potting mix, specialized packaging technique and packing boxes after years of research and testing to make sure that Live Plants Get Delivered to Your Doorstep Safe and Secure in Time. We provide you a care information leaflet for the plant and in case you face any trouble handling the plant just mail us or call us. We are happy to help!

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