Syngonium Variegated in Orange Pot
Syngonium Variegated in Orange Pot

Syngonium Variegated in Orange Pot

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  • Material: Natural Live Plant & High Grade Plastic Pot, Qty: 1 (Plant with Pot)
  • Pot Color: Orange, Pot Width: 5 Inches, Height: 5.5 Inches
  • Plant with Pot Height: 12 - 14 Inches
  • Feng Shui Good Luck Plant for Prosperity
  • Air Purifying Indoor Plant

This beautiful round shape orange colored pot made up of high grade plastic with the syngonium will brighten your surroundings. Syngonium is an easy to care for plant that is well adapted to indoor environments. As a young plant, its leaves start out heart-shaped, then gradually become arrowhead shaped as it matures. Its leaves have silvery white, green or pink or cream variegation, making this a decorative and popular house plant.

Light: Bright light, but no direct sun. Can tolerate low light, but the leaves may lose their variegation. Turn pot regularly for even growth.

Water: Keep the potting mix moist in summer, allowing the surface to dry out before watering again. Water less often in winter, letting the top half of the potting mix, dry out.

Humidity: Average room humidity.
Temperature: Normal room temperatures. 60-75F, 16-24C
Soil: Any good potting mix. Use a container with good drainage.
Fertilizer: Feed once a month with an organic plant fertilizer diluted to half the normal strength. Pot size: 5.5"x5.5"x5.25"