5 Simple Things Everyone Can Do to Save Earth

5 Simple Things Everyone Can Do to Save Earth

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Since the industrial revolution era, the earth continues to suffer from our innovations. It is time that we put a stop to activities that are harming the planet such as overexploitation, overconsumption, deforestation, and pollution. Why should we stop all these? It is because such activities are the reason, we have climate change issues, undrinkable water, soil erosion, and poor air quality. Here are five ways to save the earth:

  1. Travel sustainably

Traveling sustainably involves adopting sustainable transportation means such as walking and cycling where possible. While it is good for the environment, it is also great for our general health and well-being. Driving cars contributes immensely to pollution due to the combustion of fossil fuel. Also, if everyone bought a vehicle, that would lead to an overconsumption of resources due to the need to extract more gas to fuel these machines. Taking long flights also plays a role in carbon emissions. Hence, we need to lower our footprint by taking other means such as electric trains.

  1. Be vocal about saving the earth

Having a conversation about the need to save the earth also plays a role in reducing pollution and adopting environmentally friendly practices. We need to raise awareness and talk the local authorities into committing to protecting the world. The best times to catch the attention of the local authorities is during the days that are set aside for environmental awareness. We can also start to train younger people, particularly school-going children, on the necessity to plant more trees. When such values are instilled in them at a young age, we are going to have a generation that is conscious about the environment.

In addition, we can encourage people to also be careful about the tools that they use in their house. For instance, we can start by making changes ourselves, including a water heater replacement, in order to change the existing water heater to a more environmentally friendly one. Something else that would probably not cross your mind is green siding options where the material plays the essential role. In order to get help with this, you might consider hiring a good siding contractor who will take care of it. This way we will lead by example and contribute to making the world a better place to live in.

On that note, we should encourage people to get indoor plants because they also help clear the air. Nowadays it is easy to grow plants at home because one can use an indoor grow tent. This tent offers an ample controlled environment for plants to grow well in the house. In a nutshell, we should use our voice to make positive changes to save the planet.

  1. Reduce wastage

Each product that we buy leaves behind an environmental footprint because in one way or the other it normally winds up in a landfill somewhere. Most of these products such as plastic take a long time to decompose and, in the process, they leave behind toxic chemicals that contaminate the soil. Therefore, there is a need to stop wasting resources by recycling items that are produced. Rather than throwing away plastic items that are no longer in use, they can be turned into valuable things through a process known as upcycling. So, what does this process entail? It involves converting items for alternative uses. For example, converting jam jars to candle holders or plastic tins to plant vases among other things.

  1. Eat sustainably

Our food consumption is making a huge contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and loss of biodiversity. Rearing animals for food requires that one has a large space. This prompts people to clear more land for agriculture to produce more animal feed. Such practices lead to the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Thus, we need to move away from meat products to plant-based diets. Vegan and vegetarian foods are easily accessible at the moment and sustainable to produce compared to meat dominated diets.

  1. Donate to save the earth

There are so many organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, Sierra Club, National Audubon Society, and World Business Council for Sustainable Development whose mission is to restore order to the planet. However, most of these organizations fail to achieve their mandate because of limited resources. Therefore, we should invest in these institutions so that they carry out projects globally. Giving can be in the form of securing memberships to these organizations, performing fundraisers for environmental causes on social media, or adopting an animal. Such efforts will make it easy for us to make strides towards securing the future of the next generation.


Efforts to save the planet ought to be at the top of our priority because we do not have another place to call home. Activities such as adopting sustainable travel options, using our voices to raise awareness, minimizing wastage, eating responsibly, and making donations are some of the things that we can do to save the planet. And the best time to start is now!

About the Author: Adyan Stafford is an interior designer who has a great interest in flora. He is a part-time writer, a job that allows him to fulfill his purpose of sharing his ideas and knowledge with different audiences. He uses his writings to touch upon environmental awareness topics. 

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