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  Rolling Nature - Revolutionizing Green Thinking

Rolling Nature emphasizes on the beautiful idea of green gifting & green décor. Founded in 2013, we are a live plants company providing a wide array of fresh plants in exquisite planters for green gifting and green décor. We aim at bringing garden indoors & breathe fresh indoors by providing complete customized green gifting and green décor solutions. We are pioneers in green gifting and forerunners of online ready potted plant business in India. 

Green Gifting by Rolling Nature 
We offer a selection of Table Top Décor Indoor Good Luck Plants (Feng Shui & Vastu), Air Purifying Plants (NASA Approved), Exotic and Ornamental Plants for "Green Gifting". Gifting a plant to your loved ones, employees, business associates or clients is a wonderful thought.  Plants make a lovely gift  for occasions & special days and a token of remembrance that will last in the memories of the receiver for a lifetime.
Plants make a strong bond of affection, care and humanity amongst all. Green Gifting comes with advantages like: reducing carbon footprints, increasing work or home efficiency, enhancing aesthetic appeal and creating a green value. Rolling Nature strives to be a company that adheres to Green Business and encourages other Organizations & Individuals to adapt Green Gifting as alternate gifting. Live plants gifts that grow are the latest trend. 
We are a Pioneer in “Green Gifting”! We believe in “Gift A Life” concept to Revolutionize Green Thinking!  We can incorporate your own branding and company information into the gift. We are happy to work with customization and working to your budget and specifications. We offer special Diwali combos. Rolling Nature offers not just plants but customized Stickers on pots, Greeting cards, Tags with Ribbons, Theme Matching Box Packaging and accessories for special days, like Birthdays, Weddings, Special ceremonies etc. All our plants are accompanied with a care instruction leaflet so that the plant stays healthy and robust after it is delivered.
“Be Environmentally Responsible and Leave a Lasting Impression!” Go Green & Take a New Step Towards Alternate Gifting! Gift Beautiful Green Plants in Exquisite Ceramic planters & Combos! Exclusively Brought to You By Rolling Nature! 
 Green Decor by Rolling Nature 
The freshest plants with masterfully made luxury pots at affordable prices are made available as per clients/customer selection. Indoor plants in exquisite colorful pots are fantastic addition, beautiful way to transform your otherwise dull and boring space to a lively one. We are the only company in India to provide customized green décor with fresh plants, both for home and workplaces. We deliver exclusive range of indoor and outdoor plants in pots.
We also offer consultation to our clients for pot color scheme, textures and designs matching to their interior décor. We provide complete consultation for plant selection for indoor and outdoor on the basis of light conditions and maintenance for a particular space. The customized green décor solutions by Rolling Nature, also includes a free starter kit, with complete information about the plant care, placement as per Feng-shui  & Vastu, small & medium size watering can which makes the maintenance super easy. The plants come ready potted in unique potting mix which has great water retention and requires no fertilizer for a year.  
Why Buy from Rolling Nature?
Rolling Nature is one of the best place to buy plants for gifting. Our products are ready to display products without mess once unpacked by the recipient. They are elegant and exquisite which blend perfectly with interiors at home & work space. Our plants are Fresh, Healthy & Quality Checked. Rolling Nature ceramic planter collections are handcrafted inspired by pottery around the world. Our plastic pots are of high grade quality. The potting mix is unique which means better shelf life, healthy growth, and less watering or overall maintenance. The plants are cared for and packed with love and care. We have developed a unique packing method which ensures plants stays intact and in crisp condition through transit and at the time of delivery. We provide care information about the plant and also tips for Feng Shui Placement. Moreover, we provide 7 days freshness guarantee and free replacement for transit damage. We give you products of top quality, an impeccable and incomparable extended services for the love of plants.
Notable Clients:
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 ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda, Runwal Group, Lotus Group, Cognizant, Amdocs, Amazon, SAP, CIEL, Marsh India Insurance Brokers, Sokrati, Sunova, Molkem Chemicals, People Matters, Divine Solitaires, Etaash Consultants, Ensemble, Pocket 52,Synefra Infrastructures, Repens Health Care, Arxxus, Amura, Cloud Moyo, Worksphere Ventures, The Better Works, Workoid, Anton Paar, Anand Rathi Wealth Group, Symbiosis Group of Institutes, IIT Delhi, Mussourie International School, Yes Germany, MAN Bus & Trucks, DSV Global Transport & Logistics, Apps Associates, Emmes Services, Galaxy Office Automation, WestPioneers, Indi Events, RVR Presents, Shri Aurobindo Ashram, Kota Coaching Classes, Indian Army Corps of Engineers and many more.
To contact us, send an email to care@rollingnature.com or sales@rollingnature.com or call us at 91- 8698407574.
 Why Choose Plants as Gifts?

Indoor air is 2-4 times more polluted than outdoors. Humans stay indoors for the 90% of their life span. So indoor plants are a must to have a healthy lifestyle where we can breathe fresh air. They come with ample benefits including work productivity increase and aversion of sick building syndrome.

  • Plants visually enhance interiors along with more Oxygen.
  • Fresh air indoors reduces stress, increases efficiency and benefits overall health.
  • Plants transpire and act as natural indoor humidifiers.
  • Indoor air is 10 times bad than outdoors. Plants filter air by removing toxic pollutants.
  • NASA Clean Air Study recommends at least 1 Plant in an area of 100 Square Feet.

All live plant products have a 7-Day Freshness Guarantee and we will gladly replace any plant that’s damaged during transit or not up to your expectations. We have earned our name through top quality products, customer satisfaction with extended customer support services. We take our customers’ requests on top priority and resolve any issue that comes to us at the earliest. 

Our Commitment

With the passion to provide great products and service, Rolling Nature is committed to getting you the freshest, handpicked, and quality-checked plants, guaranteed.


Revolutionizing Green Thinking since 7 Years: Our Story


It all started in 2013, with delivery across Pune. Few months later, we realized few could believe that plants can be delivered safe and secure in a box at every nook and corner of the country. And tapping that demand we tried working on the live plants delivery process online. After several tests and research we started delivering live plants all across India. We also paved a way to bring in trustworthy ready-to-display potted plants delivery. We changed the notion that plants need big containers. Thanks to our experts who worked towards quality ceramic planters with small quantity of potting mix in which plants fairly grew well with greater shelf life & lowest maintenance in even very small containers. Eventually it all became a success both online and otherwise.
Our plants are Fresh, Healthy & Beautiful; they go through several point Quality Check. Rolling Nature ceramic planter collections are handcrafted inspired by pottery around the world. Apart from retail we also brought in customized green gifting. We are pioneers in Green Gifting as alternate gifting and insist on it! We aim at Gift Green Concept - Eco-friendly, green & sustainable and impactful gifts bundled up with loads of innovation when it comes to plants, pot designs & nature! A trend to gift a live plant to ones you care for! We have been revolutionizing Green Thinking since 2013!
We encourage bringing garden indoors to breathe fresh. We are the first company in India to launch “Customized Décor Solutions”, a one of a kind initiative to beautify spaces naturally. Plants come with several benefits like fighting indoor air pollution by air purification, humidification, fighting illnesses, increasing work efficiency, enhancing aesthetic appeal, reducing carbon foot prints and creating green value.
We are a forerunner of plant online retail, green gifting & customized decor in India where others have followed us. We have made low maintenance ready to display fresh indoor potted plants available to even remotest areas to all at affordable prices which has made us the top seller in plants category at all leading online portals. This #greengifting #bringgardenindoors #breathefreshindoors wave has caught considerable attention, where initially people couldn’t believe how a life can be boxed and transported across thousands of miles intact, safe and secure in a box. We have come a long way after lots of testing and experiments, laying foundation of methodology of successful online plant business.


We develop plants by tissue culture in highly equipped facility in aseptic conditions. They are cared and nurtured for almost 2-3 months in green houses to reach the size you receive. We provide the water, care and natural sunlight essential for them to grow healthy and strong. Since there is no middleman, they go straight to your door.


Our plant quality experts ensure that plants are healthy and without any infection when they are picked up for your order. They are meticulously selected by hand, prepped, bagged, wrapped. As a rule, only healthy pest-free specimens are transported. 

When you order a plant, it is hand selected in order to make sure that it is in perfect condition - absolutely ready for the journey to you or your recipient. All plants need preconditioning to meet environmental conditions to be encountered in transit or at the final destination. We add nutrient medium before dispatch so that the plant gets nourished through its journey to you. All our plants are carefully boxed in specially designed plant boxes to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition to our customers. The box have holes in them so that to let fresh air in. Plants are given priority over non-living items during all phases of transportation and handling. 

We try our best to minimize the transit period so that plant reaches to you in good health after dispatch. With all the work that goes into developing, growing, digging, dividing plants, re-potting, quality check, packing and shipping a "LIFE”, we just can say that the live plants you receive are precious. They are not like other non-living items or consumer goods.


Environmental & Social Initiatives

Environmental Action
Each year we campaign in India participating in United Nations Environment Programme initiatives. Our campaigns revolve around the theme of UNEP's World Environment Day themes. We do plant distribution and plantation drive each year as a part of our campaigns, and also make people aware of environmental issues by involving them through various actions. We give appreciation to individuals and companies for their sincere efforts towards environment. We believe in reduce reuse and recycle. We are a company that adhere to green business. Rolling Nature uses environment friendly recyclable corrugated boxes and brown paper bags for packaging apart from other eco friendly materials. We launched our Environment Conservation Arm Initiative Earth to work proactively, with individuals, organizations & policymakers. Environmental issues are always at forefront ,our company always align towards them for a better world. We understand environmental responsibility and are always working to stop and mitigate the environmental degradation. We are collaborating with many Non-Governmental Organizations in India and world to be a part of change.
Social Impact
We are a company born and nurtured in India, and we support #vocalforlocal. Our products are proudly made in India, we grow our plants at our facility and our pots are also handcrafted by finest artisans in our unit.  We have collaborate d with various NGO's and self help groups to aid the underprivileged sections of society. We use handmade brown paper bags, and recycled Newspaper bags made by underprivileged women. The self help groups who make masks also benefit by us. We also support and provide earning opportunities to local artisans by adding handmade rakhis and handcrafted diyas to our green festive combos. During the pandemic we also helped migrant laborer's with food ration, and also families with basic hygiene kits, which included masks, handwashing liquid, soaps and sanitizers. We always believe in ethical practices. We got associated with Sparsh Balagram " A rehabilitation center for HIV infected Orphan Children" to help improve the quality of lives. We are always willing to bring change for good and work progressively for social development.
Rolling Nature-Revolutionizing Green Thinking Since 7 yrs! 
 #BreatheFreshIndoors #BringGardenIndoors #LoveNature
We are a pioneer in Green Gifting for past 7 years. We emphasize the use of plants as alternative gifts for any occasion or events. We give you products of top quality, an impeccable and incomparable extended services for the love of plants. Celebrate Life with Little Green! Breathe Fresh! Bring Your Garden Indoors!
About our Co-Founders:
Sajin Kumar, Rolling Nature, Plants, Online, Company, Green, Gifting, Decor, Corporate gifting

Sajin Kumar: A philosophical and a creative mind who believes in simplicity. He completed his Bachelor in Design from IIT Guwahati. He is a Master’s in Computer Science from National University of Ireland, Galway. His love for nature and technology combined with the passion to start his own company gave birth to Rolling Nature. 


Vandana Chaudhary, Rolling Nature, Plants, Online, Company, Green, Gifting, Decor, Corporate gifting 

Vandana Chaudhary: A very creative, enthusiastic and cheerful person, with a powerhouse of plenty of workable ideas. She always had a great love towards nature, especially plants. Because of her natural business acumen she wanted to start her on own unique company and stand out from others. Vandana is a Botanist, Plantaholic, Blogger & Humanitarian and an active Environmentalist.  She started her first community environmental campaign locally in 2002 and was also awarded for the same. She had taken up many environmental initiatives before and after Rolling Nature. She has been appreciated by UNEP for her efforts. She is actively associated with Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) and United Nations International Day of Conscience. She is  an environment expert at Norvergence, LLC, USA. She also is a member of  Warrior Moms Group & One Earth One Movement NGO which work for climate change. Vandana also advocates Gender Equality and has participated and received certifications in various programs of UN Global Compact Gender Equality Initiatives. She recently participated in United Nations South Asia Forum on Business and Human Rights (UNSAF23) Kathmandu. She is also a citizen activist and has been taking up local issues actively and contributing to betterment of Pune. She is also associated with HIV/AIDS afflicted children's orphanage named as SPARSH BALGRAM.

Vandana Chaudhary, Sparsh Balgram, Orphanage, India, HIV, Social, Work, Rolling Nature

Vandana was felicitated and awarded with Social Welfare award, by Imminent Leaders & PMC officials along with Lahu balwadkar Social Welfare Foundation, Pune, Maharashtra for her social work and selfless efforts during Covid wave 1 and 2 in India. 

Vandana Chaudhary, Pune, Awards, Social Work, Covid

She launched Initiative Earth, the environment conservation arm to work proactively for the environmental and climate issues. She is working actively for environmental and climate issues with her Indian & global counterparts for better Earth. She has several published articles till date. She believes in merging technology with Nature, for nature based solutions and creating ample  environmental awareness among youth.

Follow her at Twitter

She has a BSc. (H) & Masters in Botany, from Miranda House College (Delhi University), with her PhD research done from IARI, in Plant Physiology. She also holds a PG diploma in E-Learning. She had almost 8 years of working experience in E-Learning & Content Development before live plants brand Rolling Nature. She has worked in top E-Learning Companies in India & Singapore.

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100% Quality Checked Plants| Finest Quality Pots|  Unique Potting Mix| Free Shipping| COD Available| Easy Returns| Assured Safe Packaging | Secure Delivery | Customized Green Gifting & Green Décor Solutions|
Call us or WhatsApp us at 91-8698407574 or mail us at sales@rollingnature.com for green gifting requirements. Delivery available all across India. Special discounts for Mumbai & Pune.
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Diwali, Gift, Plants, Green, Rolling, Nature, RollingNature, Combos, Greeting, Card, Set, India, Indoor, House, Good Luck, Air Purifying, Diya, Happy, Deepawali, Online, Shop, Customized, Branding, Ceramic Pot, Box, Corporate, Bulk, Occasion
Diwali, Gift, Plants, Green, Rolling, Nature, RollingNature, Combos, Greeting, Card, Set, India, Indoor, House, Good Luck, Air Purifying, Diya, Happy, Deepawali, Online, Shop, Customized, Branding, Ceramic Pot, Box, Corporate, Bulk, Occasion