Green Gifting

“Be Environmentally Responsible and Leave a Lasting Impression!” Go Green & Take a New Step Towards Alternate Gifting! Gift Beautiful Green Plants in Exquisite Ceramic planters & Combos! Exclusively Brought to You By Rolling Nature! 

Rolling Nature emphasizes on the beautiful idea of green gifting. Live plants gifts that grow are the latest trend. Rolling Nature offers a selection of Table Top Décor Indoor Good Luck Plants (Feng Shui & Vastu), Air Purifying Plants (NASA Approved), Exotic and Ornamental Plants for "Green Gifting"


Plants make a lovely gift  for occasions & special days and a token of remembrance that will last in the memories of the receiver forever. Rolling Nature offers not just plants but customized Stickers on pots, Greeting cards, Tags with Ribbons, Theme Matching Box Packaging and accessories for special days, like Birthdays, Weddings, Special ceremonies etc. We offer special Diwali combos.

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Make an impression that lasts forever on your near & dear ones. Being environment friendly is so wise & urban too.Plants are a thoughtful gift. As per Vastu & Feng-Shui experts, plants in our day-to-day lives, activate positive energy.

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Growing live plants infuses more vibrant energy at home & workplace, which brings in lots of fresh air, health, wealth & abundance. Your recipients will admire these gifts, forever & memories of your special day will be cherished for a lifetime.

There’s nothing more precious than to nurture a life!

Rolling Nature: Pioneers In Green Gifting

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Rolling Nature Pots

Rolling NatureRolling Nature

Our plants are ready to display, potted in pots just as shown. They are elegant and exquisite which blend perfectly with interiors at home & work space. We develop plants by tissue culture in highly equipped facility in aseptic conditions. They are cared and nurtured for almost 2-3 months in green houses to reach the size you receive. We provide the water, care and natural sunlight essential for them to grow healthy and strong. Since there is no middleman, they go straight to your door.

The live plants are packed with love and care. We have developed a unique packing method which ensures plants stays intact and in crisp condition through transit and at the time of delivery. We give you products of top quality, an impeccable and incomparable extended services for the love of plants.
Indoor Plants Benefit
Indoor air is 2-4 times more polluted than outdoors. Humans stay indoors for the 90% of their life span. So indoor plants are a must to have a healthy lifestyle where we can breathe fresh air. They come with ample benefits including work productivity increase and aversion of sick building syndrome.
· Plants visually enhance interiors along with more Oxygen.
· Fresh air indoors reduces stress, increases efficiency and benefits overall health.
· Plants transpire and act as natural indoor humidifiers.
· Indoor air is 10 times bad than outdoors. Plants filter air by removing toxic pollutants.
· NASA Clean Air Study recommends at least 1 Plant in an area of 100 Square Feet
Our Commitment

With the passion to provide great products and service, Rolling Nature is committed to getting you the freshest, handpicked, and quality-checked plants, guaranteed. We have delivered “Green Gifts” in Pune and other parts of the country with orders ranging from few plants to thousands.