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Rolling Nature: The Green Gifting Experts
If you are looking for the best quality and budget friendly corporate plant gifts in India, look no further than Rolling Nature. We are the pioneers in green gifting since 10 years, and we have a passion for providing you with the freshest and healthiest indoor plants.
What Kind of Customization Do We Provide?
We can incorporate your logo to the pots, tags/greeting cards, paper bags and boxes. We deliver our eco-friendly and beautiful products to Pune and across India, with fast and reliable service. We have served many reputed clients all over India. Trust Rolling Nature to revolutionize your green thinking with our perfect plant gifts.
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100% Quality Checked Plants | Low Maintenance | Finest Quality Pots |  Unique Potting Mix | Free Shipping | Easy Returns | Assured Safe Packaging | Secure Delivery | Customized Green Gifting & Green Décor Solutions |
Why We Strongly Recommend Green Gifting?
Did You Know? We spend 90% of our time indoors. There is 5 times more pollution indoors. Indoor plants are cheapest best natural solution to significantly improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). They oxygenate, humidify, and remove harmful toxic pollutants,VOC's dust, bacteria & molds. 1 air purifying plant per 100 square feet can decrease indoor air pollution by 87%. Plants Increase Efficiency and Productivity and reduces Sick building syndrome by 25%. Plants reduce stress, minor illnesses and background noise. They enhance mood, initiate better sleep and benefit overall health.
Why Choose Us?
Our plants are ready to display, potted in pots just as shown. plants are low maintenance, long lasting, and grown with love and care in our high tech facility. We also offer in-house manufactured premium quality ceramic planters in exquisite designs and colours, which can be customized to suit your brand and preferences. You can choose from our wide range of plants and pots, or let us create a unique green gift for you for any occasion.
All our plants are carefully selected by hand, prepped, bagged, wrapped and boxed in specially designed plant boxes to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition to our customers. The packaging is unique. The plants are packed in a secure way that plant doesn't break or get damaged even if it is turned upside down. The sturdy box have holes in them so that to let fresh air in.
When you buy from Rolling Nature, you are rest assured that you will receive a top class quality product without fail. We take our work very seriously. Rolling Nature is the forerunners in the industry with well recognized expertise, top quality researched & tested unique products & advanced plant business methodology.
The Green Gift Shift
Rolling Nature strives to be a company that adheres to Green Business and encourages other organizations to adapt Green Gifting. Sharing and gifting a plant lets you straightaway connect your organization with Mother Nature and helps you to be environmentally and socially responsible. Green gifts make a strong bond of affection, care and humanity with your customers, employees, employee’s families and stakeholders.
Green Gifting comes with advantages like: reducing carbon footprints, increasing work or home efficiency, enhancing aesthetical appeal and creating a green value.
Be it an Annual Day, Environment Day, Women’s Day, Diwali, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, token of appreciation or thanking your employees, customers and anyone else who matters, our plants will make a perfect gift!
Contact Us
Call us or WhatsApp us at 91-8698407574 or mail us at for green gifting requirements or request us our catalogue. Delivery available all across India. Single location and multiple locations delivery also available. Special discounts for Mumbai & Pune.
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