Rolling Nature & the Online Plant Gift Shift

Rolling Nature & the Online Plant Gift Shift

Explore how the foundation of online ready potted plant sales “in a box” in country like India was laid. There was a shift from normal gifting to green gifting in past few years. Rolling Nature played an important role in both. Also find how this successful plant methodology “Fresh plants in exquisite pots” online changed the face of online market and generated a successful category of “Plants” in India. A unique concept that has shaped and is still shaping the green trends in market.

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The Gifts of Past:

In the last 10 years, there has been a tremendous change in the mind of an urban and semi-urban dweller. While we grew up in 90’s a gift would mean a home décor product or for most occasions cut flowers bouquets would work perfectly. The people were well connected to nature in 90’s and living plants were very much part of our lives.  The next decade made consumer very much inclined to globalization and there was too much to buy and to gift when everyone earned enough. However, somewhere in the timeline, excessive urbanization in Metros kept on increasing. Also there were major changes in the lifestyles of people. Lives were busy pretty much.

Somewhere, the home and office spaces were shrinking and to accommodate plants in general was becoming mammoth task except for avid plant lovers. The green spaces kept on declining in the cities and at our workplaces and homes.  Raising plants was an arduous task, needed consistency and frequency, on schedule. The greens mostly went missing from the flats and apartments due to constrained spaces and demanding nature. But the conscious lifestyle kicked in and people had a shift of thoughts to aim at healthy and green living. “Go Green”, “Eco-Friendly”, “Organic”, “Recycled”, terms became charm for healthy and green living. Meanwhile online portals picked up their presence on the web, and the ease of shopping made them popular virtual destinations. They offered all kinds of selections to choose from number of categories. But there was nothing much offered in live plants category. The fresh flowers and cakes deliveries for gifting were mostly done through local associations by many by 2010.

The Onset of Green Gifts & The Dilemma:

Plant gifting or green gifting was fairly new term! Online shopping of plants and delivery were rarely heard of in India even in 2010. People would pick the plants from nearest nursery for the love of green. The nursery plants again demanded too much of care of attention. The incomplete knowledge of most the plant sellers and then the plant parents would make it risky to properly raise a plant. Plants have particular scientific and common name, they have to be given proper conditions of water, light and soil to thrive. A lack of green thumb was a factor that made it dicer. Traditionally a gardener maintains the green landscapes and plants. But in Metro cities, again getting a gardener for a small area or few plant’s maintenance is not much popular. Leave the gardener, sometimes finding good plants nursery is also a challenge in a city. Moreover, container gardening always meant big sized jumbo pots with plants to grow in. Shifting plants during relocation again was a nightmare. The problem also substantial in taking care of them while on travels or holidays.

Thus, in nut shell a lack of space, thorough knowledge and assistance needed for live plants impaired the decision of customers. Some having gone through “I killed the plant guilt”. Also buying, delivery, relocating or moving out worries made them skeptical to get some green indoor or outdoor plants. The “Gift Green” concept was far from realization. When you don’t buy plants for all reasons, how will you gift them? Plant in black plastic pot would do for home or office but for gifting or green décor it was not enough to appeal aesthetically.

The Switch to Ease of Green Gifting

Well, for few lucky ones rearing a plant is no big science, it just happens, may be experience from garden expert elders or a rural background helps. To some however, plants are a big responsibility. The advent of online plants available in small containers/pots opened a new world to the green consumerism completely. Rolling Nature's Co-Founders Vandana Chaudhary & Sajin Kumar had a humble start and pushed this idea through to realization. Initially, plants online, was not a welcoming idea. The doubts were real, after all it was a life in a box. Firstly the “plant in a box” raised eyebrows.  Packing and delivery both were questionable. How on earth a plant would be shipped to different locations? It will die. Gifting a plant would sound an alarm. Who gifts a plant after all? Buy something good. Here at the backend, a team was working hard to find all the answers and solutions to the target customers. A new business methodology was in making. A product hunt, permutation combination, research, long hours discussion, sleepless nights of the vision of revolutionizing green thinking. Moreover, the idea was new, and takers were few.  Green gifting would come later, only when the consumer have tested and tried the product and services. The confidence of customer was on top priority. Plants really are not a cake walk when it comes to business establishment, including the delivery hassles PAN India. 

The idea was propelled by few minds in different areas, but shaping the “Live Plants Gifting Online” future was still to create a magic. The wave of green trend online, where the category was still lacking on Shopping Portals, and also the companies were engaged locally who dealt in business or only in wholesale transportation of plants across India.  The categories cropped up, a space were created, and but still it was a mind boggling experience for the customers. Disappointment of a died plant was too much to take at an expense.


Creating a Niche:

Rolling Nature took the task in hand, and laid the foundation of full fledged online plant business in India. Gardening category now had a niche for ready potted ceramic planters with fresh plants combinations. The planters were aesthetically pleasing, colorful, with plants which needed low maintenance due to less watering. The shelf life was prolonged too. Not to forget these planters are made in India.

Rolling Nature boosted the sales of the ceramic handmade planters in India, and helped to revive the lives of artisans of  ceramic industry. Our ready ceramic potted plant sales led others to follow and copy and that made an positive impact in lives of artisans. The other sellers who found respite and hope in doing the ceramic pot and plant business, now contribute to the ceramic industry. We are proud that along with ceramic exports we are now contributing to benefits of our own artisans. We never believed in importing products from china, quality issues also existed in our pot manufacturing units in beginning, but we standardized the production methods there too without compromising on quality. There are pots that we make, which actually are far better than the Chinese counterparts. Finest & quality checked at several levels. If quality products can be made in India why do we promote Chinese items? India has been known for rich ceramic crafts and enormously talented fine potters. We wanted to tap this rich heritage and we successfully did that.

The small container gardening was also embedded in the customers mind after they saw the plants effectiveness in growth in the provided pots. There came a shift, the “plants” became an integral part of the “Home Décor” category and also a style statement décor at people’s home or workplace. Everything was clearly described about the product, when displayed online. The plant photos gave a fair idea to the buyer about the product purchase, which was sent similar as shown on product display page. The care and placement info of the plant was crisp and detailed. It was meant to inform the customer well about the product purchase at the very moment.

The customers who were doubtful about the product, and delivery were surprisingly overwhelmed with the “plant in the box”. The product matched their expectation and fairly matched the description. Also each plant came with a care instruction card with concise yet fruitful details. It included the plant features & specialty such as air purifying, good luck, ornamental or succulent. It gave a clear instruction about imparting the right care & conditions such as light, water and humidity. A gift that was everlasting and kept growing reminded about the recipient. It was just perfect.

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A Very First Mix of Science & Pseudoscience:

A very first for the plants, science and pseudoscience was mixed together by Rolling Nature. The plant information was backed up by enormous scientific research by eminent organization and universities on different criteria’s such as oxygen content, air purifying, humidifying, task productivity, mind wellness and health. It created awareness in people’s lifestyle, especially urban. The indoor air pollution became a concern when outdoor pollution was soaring in cities.

In a country like India where we worship everything, Vastu is an ancient science that’s often consulted for a happy home. Feng Shui also has become an integral part of households in recent years. Considering the plant aspects in both Vastu & Fengshui , Rolling Nature conducted extensive research and found that live plants in any form are good for positive energy or chi at any place. However there were certain plants which hold extreme importance as a cure when placed in proper place or direction. We made it a mix of both science and pseudoscience and it became a hit. It is believed that some plants relieve stress, anxiety, brings in positive energy, health, prosperity and abundance.

These air purifying & good luck plants are perfect for gifting. They are small yet long lasting, perfect for indoor décor, and can last for years in the provided pot when taken good care. The combos also launched by Rolling Nature with cards, rakhis, diya for special occasions such as Rakhi & Diwali were greatly accepted.

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Customized Green Gifting & CSR:

Rolling Nature has been a pioneer in green gifting. Apart from the being online plant sales propeller, it also brought the concept of Customized Green Gifting in India. We have also launched customized green décor in Pune. After the alternate gifting picked up, the brand incorporation on the pot, tag, greeting cards and packaging by Rolling Nature was welcomed well by the corporate companies and individuals. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals of the companies are also met when they pick green gifting as a choice instead of the normal gifts which are not eco-friendly. Environmental responsibility concept was also pushed in by Rolling Nature team, which led to plant gifting at special occasions and days in corporate culture. The customized plant gifts stood apart from the normal.

While we were work were busy working constantly to simplify the process at our end, and creating the best of customized plant gifting and green décor solutions in India. We have come a long way just in 7 years. The challenges were accepted, new methods were devised with the changing marketing trends, still quality and perfection says it all. Our customers rely on us and our brand credibility is continuously on increase. Rolling Nature started to Revolutionize Green Thinking, and when we see people following the trend and our business methodologies it helps us to do better. We work on minutest of the things for the love of plants and have standardized the process. We have always strived to work ethically. We have raised the standards of plants business. Maintaining a low profile in Media yet creating a mark, our products are shipped all over India to innumerable households through all channels. For bulk green gifts we provide single and multiple location, both types of delivery. The plants can be sent via road transport to cities including Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad & Mumbai. We have millions of happy customers all over India, and till date we have done plenty of corporate orders too.

Rolling Nature from the start, focused on revolutionizing green thinking, along with its green business. We are always at the forefront of environmental issues, we run campaigns and create awareness among the people towards various aspects of protecting the environment from degradation. Our campaigns are along the line of UNEPs World Environment Day themes. We have conducted 7 different yearly campaigns and #lovenature Campaign 2020 is still in action. We distribute plants for free and also do plantation drives along with other events and meet up. We launched Initiative Earth an environment conservation arm and would work proactively with individuals, organizations and policymakers. Rolling Nature is one and only organization in India which deals in love plants and also focuses on environmental goals. We also aim for UN sustainable development goals with our work. Rolling Nature also gets involved in social initiatives and works for people’s welfare.

The Highlights:

The green gifting concept is now in trend, people love these plants. Take for example, initially Jade or Crassula plant didn’t have much significance or was lesser known but now it is one of the top online selling plant in India. We introduced it to online buyers in a way that it became infamous. Rolling Nature Jade in Round Dew Pot is one such product. This product has now many variations by different sellers who in past few years followed our path. But yes you can’t beat the original. The quality & finish of the pots, the quality checked plant, the transit & delivery in special boxes with the confidence of purchase from Rolling Nature is still preferred by customers. Our customers are our top priority, every single query to us is addressed very well to their satisfaction. The result is happy customer and a happy plant. We are proud that we could define and lay guidelines for many sellers for online plant business in India. Although there’s too much in depth information about “how and what” that happens at the back scenes but that will not be relevant here. Like the everyday activities at our plant nursery, pot manufacturing unit, ware house, store & offices. These are not dry items like cloth they are tender plants that need utmost care at each and every step of our operations. It’s a daunting task if you take an overview of this. This is one reason why many people stick to only nursery sales, or the ones who try to attempt it they are unable to reap results. T

We emphasize on green gifting & bringing in fresh plants indoors! This is a noble step. Its environment friendly and helps to breathe fresh indoors. It’s an engagement to connect to nature. “Be Environmentally Responsible and Leave a Lasting Impression!” Go Green & Take a New Step Towards Alternate Gifting! Gift Beautiful Green Plants in Exquisite Ceramic planters & Combos! Exclusively Brought to You By Rolling Nature! Rolling Nature offers a selection of Table Top Décor Indoor Good Luck Plants (Feng Shui & Vastu), Air Purifying Plants (NASA Approved), Exotic and Ornamental Plants for "Green Gifting" and also all kind of plants in customized made to order designer pots through “Green Décor”!

Read About Us for more Details about What we Do? & Who we are?

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With inputs from Sajin Kumar & Vandana Chaudhary. The co-founders of Rolling Nature.



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