6 Best Indoor Plants to Decorate your Home

6 Best Indoor Plants to Decorate your Home

Indoor plants are a great way to decorate your home and perfect to give a little spark of life to every room. Besides, they are a great way to provide you with calm, provide fresh air and add a cute natural touch. There are plenty of houseplant options, colors, and sizes for every need and style. 

Before getting a houseplant, you might want to consider:

  • Pets: If you have pets around, you want to be careful as some indoor plants can be harmful to them if ingested or touched, so just make sure the ones you get are safe for your furry friends.
  • Space: You can find every size of indoor plants, so consider the space you have at home or the room you want to add them. Pick a plant that fits the space; remember, plants also need to feel comfortable to grow properly.
  • Time: Yes, plants need attention too, so if you are a traveler or don’t spend a lot of time at home, your best choice can be a houseplant that doesn’t need too much water or care.
  • Light: Make sure you pick the right plant if your house is too dark or has too much natural light. Some plants need a lot of sun, and some don’t need light at all.

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  1. Fiddle-leaf Fig

Consider having this elegant and large plant in an open space like the living room. Pick a large pot, so it has enough space to grow; it will also add an excellent decoration touch. This houseplant needs as much light as possible, so place it next to a window to have enough light. Fiddle-leaf is a good option if you are not home enough as it only needs to be watered once a week. If you have pets, keep if away from them as it could be toxic

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  1. Monstera Deliciosa

The big leaves of this beautiful and rare plant will give a tropical look wherever you put it. It’s perfect for a living room, bedroom, or bathroom as it needs sun, but it can perfectly grow with partial shade or indirect light. Make sure it has enough space around because it can grow a lot. The Monstera is also a good option if you travel a lot; it needs water every 1-2 weeks, depending on the amount of light they receive. This one can be harmful to pets if ingested so keep them away from them.

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  1. Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron Plant is a must-have. It’s really easy to take care of; it’s pet-friendly, needs medium to low light, and can water it every 8-12 days. It’s a great option to add a lush, dark green plant to your kitchen or bathroom or as a filler plant in the living room.

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  1. Snake Plant

The snake plant will add a nice decorative touch to your home; it’s simple but elegant, kind of mystic, small, and the leaves grow up, so it is the perfect option if you don’t have enough space. You can place it anywhere as it doesn’t need a lot of care, watering every 8-12 days. It improves the air quality, so it’s ideal for bedrooms and kitchens. The downside, it can be toxic for dogs and cats.

Fiddle, Fig, Plant, Indoor, Best, Home, Decor, Rolling, Nature, Lorena, Romo, Porch, Air, Purifier

  1. Rubber Plant

This excentric plant is great to pop a coffee table or decorate a desk. Its rubbery, thick, and shiny leaves make it seem fake, so it’s a nice surprise when guests find out it’s real. This houseplant responds well in bright and indirect light, and it should be kept moist. It’s a very sensitive plant, so keep it away from heaters and fans. Also, keep it away from pets, as its milky sap can be toxic for them.

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     6. Succulents (Ghost Plant / Blue Echeveria / Zebra Haworthia)

These tiny and pretty indoor plants are great for small places or as decoration in shelves, tables, desks, bathrooms, bedrooms, or anywhere you want to add a cute and colorful touch of green. Putting them in cute pots or adding some pebbles on them will make them the best natural decorative touch. All the succulents mentioned above are pet-friendly, but there are plenty of poisonous ones, so make sure you pick non-toxic ones if you have pets.

Either it’s a Fiddle-leaf or a succulent, having indoor plants around can help with your mood; they add a pretty decorative touch, some nature, and a lot of life to your home. Now you know which ones are our favorites, you can start picking the indoor plants that adapt best to you!

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