7 Kitchen Plants That Will Brighten Up Your Indoor Cooking Space

7 Kitchen Plants That Will Brighten Up Your Indoor Cooking Space

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Who said plants belong to the main living spaces? You’re allowed to turn your kitchen into a green oasis. Besides, plants add life, color, and character to any dull space. They make cooking fun and refreshing. On top of that, they brighten the kitchen and lift our moods. They also double up as air purifiers. They’ll get rid of any airborne toxin present in the kitchen. If you’ve been looking for cost-effective ways to brighten your kitchen and make your cooking sessions adventurous, consider adding plants to your kitchen.

Here are 7 kitchen plants that will brighten your kitchen space.

The Bloomy African Violet

The African violet produces gorgeous blooms that add color and brightens your kitchen. The blooms come in different colors and shades. You can have blue, violet, pink, lavender, or whitish flowers.

The flowers also come in different shapes. You can get start-shaped, ruffled, or tasseled.

 The African violet is beginner-friendly. You’ll have no trouble nurturing them.

They grow well if they get bright and indirect sunlight. Place them close to a large window to give them enough light. If your kitchen windows let in little light, it would be advisable to install big windows. Use room temperature water to water the plant. Be careful as you water the plant. Don’t spill any water on its leaves.

The Lacy Lace Fern

Lace ferns are beautiful and easier to grow and nurture. They are beginner-friendly and can endure a little bit of neglect. Besides, the plant loves humid conditions making the kitchen an ideal space for the lace fern.

The plant would look great next to a large window or a bright white wall. It also needs space to let its stems trail. Make it stand out by brightening your kitchen. If your kitchen is tiny and dark, you may have to factor in a kitchen remodeling session to accommodate the plant and let in more outdoor light.

The Elegant Peace Lily

Peace lilies have aesthetically pleasing whitish blooms. The gorgeous peace lily will be an eye-striking feature in your kitchen. Place it in a space that receives indirect but bright morning sun. Place the plant close to a north-facing or east-facing window. Water it frequently. Thankfully they can withstand periods of thirst. Peace lilies will notify you when they need water. Any time you notice droopy leaves, water the plant.

The Leafy Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen is an attractive decorative plant that would brighten your kitchen. It’s easy to grow and requires little maintenance. The lustrous leaves on short stems will create a centerpiece feature in your kitchen. Besides, the plant can virtually grow in any indoor environment. However, don’t put it in a location that receives direct sunlight. 

Assorted Herbs

 Add assorted herbs to your kitchen’s plant collection. They double up as stunning kitchen decor pieces and an adventurous way to spice your cooking sessions. Some herbs will need more light than others. Place the light-loving herbs like basil or rosemary on the windowsill. If your kitchen is dark, you may have to do a kitchen remodeling to let more sunlight into the kitchen. Fortunately, you can still grow less needy herbs like parsley in your kitchen.  

The Tough Cast Iron Plant

If you have a black or brown thumb, this plant would be your ideal plant baby. It’s indestructible yet visually pleasing. It can survive low light conditions, long periods of thirst, and little maintenance. However, water it during summer and spring. Don’t bother watering it during winter and fall. It stops growing during this period. A north-facing window would be an ideal spot for the plant. 

The Viny Pothos

Pothos require little maintenance and won’t take up your counter or corner spaces. You can create a living wall by placing them in hanging baskets and letting its vines spread across or up the wall. You can also place the plant in a hanging globe, glass jar, or a solo tiny floating shelf. The plant looks great if it’s hanging against a brightly colored or neutral colored wall.

Final Words

There you have it. A beautiful bright leafy kitchen. You can grow all or some of these plants in your kitchen. They’ll add a splash of color and bring the green effect into your kitchen. What’s more, most of these plants are beginner-friendly and will thrive in the kitchen. They can survive short periods of neglect. Thus, great options as you perfect your role as a new plant parent.

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