Add a Touch of Nature to Your New Custom House

Add a Touch of Nature to Your New Custom House

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You dreamt it, built it, and now, you own it. You designed each room to suit your needs and lifestyle. Yet, your new custom house still feels dead and bare. It feels like an uncompleted puzzle and radiates a feeling of newness. Perhaps the allure of nature is the only piece you need to complete the puzzle. Nature adds charm and beauty to your home. It also brings tranquility, warmth, and calmness to your home. It is an easy and less costly way to add texture and character to your new custom home. You don’t have to get a bunch of trees, rocks, dirt, and crawling bugs to bring the allure of nature closer to your home.

Here is how you can subtly add nature to your new custom home.

Natural Wooden Finishes

Wooden surfaces simulate nature, thus letting you connect with nature while indoors. On top of that, wooden surfaces make any space feel warmer and inviting. Such finishes also radiate a calming effect comparable to walking outside or in a forest. Choose wooden finishes with rich wood colors or opt for wooden furniture with raw edges to get a calming effect.

A Flowing Water Feature

Bring the soothing sound of trickling or flowing water into your home. It’s an enchanting way to connect with nature while at home. The water feature lets you enjoy a relaxing ambiance after a stressful day. On top of that, water features work well with any interior styling. It also goes well with different decor pieces. When the flowing or trickling water evaporates, it releases negative ions that cleanse the air. So, you get to enjoy breathing clean air, while watching, and listening to the soothing sounds emanating from the water feature. Consult a professional home builder before adding any water feature inside your home. Alternatively, let a home builder help you set up a water feature that compliments your home. Moreover, you need multiple skills to mount or install any water feature inside your home. A home builder has the skills and experience to set up a water feature that beautifully lets out and drains water without messing up its surrounding.

Get a Whiff of Natural Scents

Nature has some lovely scents. Some have therapeutic effects, while others soothe and calm our central nervous system. Great examples of therapeutic natural scents are peppermint and lavender oil. Mimic natural scents by diffusing these natural fragrances around your home. You can also opt for natural scented candles, incense, potpourri, or fresh flowers. Make sure to choose some indoor air purifying plants to give your home a touch of nature while also keeping the air clean.

Glassy Ecosystem

Bringing plants into your home is a great and inexpensive way to add an earthy feel to your new custom home. Instead of adding potted plants in the living area or entryway, make it fun by DIYing a terrarium. You can create an open or closed terrarium. An enclosed terrarium creates a tiny ecosystem. Nonetheless, open or enclosed terrariums are great additions to your home. Be creative and let your resourcefulness guide you. To DIY a terrarium, you’ll need pebbles, tiny succulents, potting mixture, activated charcoal, a glass vessel, and a few gardening tools. You can use boxed glass, octagonal glass, a globe, or a cylindrical glass jar. Choose a glass vessel that glams the entryway or living area. Take hints from other decor pieces. You can also turn your miniature ecosystem into a fairy world by illuminating it.

Art It

Arts of nature, earthy decor items, and rugs or carpets made from sisal or other earthy fiber bring nature closer to your home. Pick rugs and carpets with earthy tones. When picking art and decor pieces, think of adding sculptural pieces for your home. You can add wooden or stone sculptures. Whether free-standing, mounted on a pedestal, or on the wall, wooden or stone sculptures add an exquisite touch to your home. You can also DIY a creative art piece using wild sticks and flowers.  


Scenes of nature have a positive impact on our mental and physical health. Adding bits of nature into your new custom home gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being connected to nature without going outside. Besides, nature evokes tranquility, warmth, and a welcoming vibe into your home. You can subtly or luridly incorporate nature into your new custom home. There is always a unique way to welcome nature into your new custom home without trading off your personal style.


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