Beloved Orchids: Stylish Possession

Beloved Orchids: Stylish Possession

Author: Vandana Chaudhary

Orchid, Orchids, flower, Rolling,  Nature, Plants, Live, Flowering, Exotic, Rare, Phlaenopsis, DendrobiumOrchids are a thing of beauty! The striking flowers are a sight to behold. They definitely look stunning and will create an uplifting aura wherever you place them. Cheery and bold the orchids never disappoint you. Lovely plants with unique habit and prettiest blossoms. The best part is their flowers blossom for one to two months. Shop Now From Amazon Rolling Nature Store: 

Why Orchids are Everybody’s Favourite?

Orchids are preferred as cut flowers however you will fall in love with the plant. The orchids are much demanded stylish plants with gorgeous flowers. These are thick-leaved plants with elegant, arching sprays of blooms that can be seen in so many design magazines and sitting on coffee tables. They are most sought after for their sheer looks. Orchids are easier to grow than you might think, as long as the plant lives in the right conditions.

Orchids Rolling Nature Live Plant Indoor Flowering

Significance of Orchids

As flowers have a language of their own and orchids make one of the most popular flowers in the gifting industry, it is essential to understand their meanings and symbolism. Rarity drives human interest, and orchids are no exception. Orchids have wide range of symbolism. Orchids generally represent love, beauty, sophistication, and luxury. Orchids signify everlasting love and affection. Purple orchids symbolize royalty and admiration, and are traditionally given as a sign of respect. White Orchid symbolize innocence and purity. Pink orchids symbolize femininity, grace, and joy. Yellow orchids symbolize friendship and new beginnings. They make great gifts for a friend to celebrate an accomplishment. Orange orchids symbolize pride, enthusiasm, and boldness.

Because of their uniqueness and the wide array of mesmerizing colours orchids are preferred as gifts all around the world. Orchids simply exude oodles of elegance and royalty. This is the reason in the Victorian era, the symbolism of orchids shifted – they became the flowers of luxury and of the upper classes.

The Botany!

Most people are introduced to orchids through phalaenopsis orchids a good beginner's orchid. They look heavenly. These orchids have round flowers with a pronounced lip that grow on a single tall stalk arising from a whorl of fleshy, oval leaves. Orchid leaves are coated with a heavy waxy film to prevent water loss. Flowers are usually white, purple, pink, or some combination thereof. They are not demanding when it comes to care & maintenance. Most orchids seem almost indestructible and can live a very long life—for decades or more—given the right environment. As per the fossil evidence found, orchids have existed on the planet for more than 100 million years. Most popular orchids are Phalaenopsis, Cattleya,  Vanda orchids, Paphiopedilum,  and Miltonia orchid.

There are about 60 true species of Phalaenopsis orchids or Moth Orchids. These plants have been extensively hybridized, and there are thousands of hybrids, ranging from the classic white hybrid moth orchid to jewel-like miniatures, with clouds of yellow and candy pink blooms.

Almost all orchids are perennial (or long-lived) and grow from a rhizome or corm, from which the leaves and flowering shoot emerge. Orchidaceae is third largest family of flowering plants. Orchid, (family Orchidaceae), any of nearly 1,000 genera and more than 25,000 species of attractively flowered plants distributed throughout the world, especially in wet tropics. Orchids have well adapted to attract their pollinators.

The orchid family is probably one of the most important of plant families from a horticultural point of view. Species of orchids can have very unusual morphological traits and ecological relationships, especially with their species of pollinating insects. For these reasons, along with the great beauty of their flowers, orchids hold a special place in the hearts of botanists, ecologists, and horticulturists. However, appreciation of the intrinsic value of orchids extends far beyond the scientists who work with these plants—few people fail to be enthralled by the loveliness of orchid flowers. As per the fossil evidence found, orchids have existed on the planet for more than 100 million years.

Orchids are Epiphytes in Wild!

A quick run through of Orchid Plant habit. Orchids are epiphytic. Epiphytes are plants that grow anchored to other plants/trees and sometimes stones. They are non-parasitic. They absorb water and nutrients from the rain, air, and other debris that collects nearby.

Orchids are grow in tropical areas, mostly below the canopy of trees. Orchids cling themselves high up in plants but mostly trees, as a way to obtain more sunlight. Epiphytic orchids adapt to obtain water and nutrients in a different way than plants growing in soil. Orchids are not rooted in ground, they thrive on other plant’s stem and tree trunks. They have thick, spongy roots that absorb and store water and nutrients from the sporadic rainfall to be used over time. Orchids have learned to adapt to wet and dry cycles in wild.

Not in Wild then What?

Orchids are one of the most popular houseplant contrary to their stark difference of growth in wild or natural setting. Chances are you might get orchid plants in a soilless media or husk. Sometimes to add more drama they are grown in transparent containers where their thick roots are visible. Drenching the orchids roots in running water is the common way to provide them hydration and nutrients.

Care Instructions:

The golden rule for orchid care indoors is to duplicate the plant's natural conditions as closely as possible. As mentioned above, in nature, most orchids are epiphytes. They grow on other objects, clinging to rough bark or even stone. And their roots are water-gathering organs that need fresh airflow to remain healthy.

Light: Orchids never need sunlight. But they do need bright day light. Keep them in a place which receives plenty of bright light. The orchids might get burned in direct sunlight. However poor light may result in weak plants and may also retard flowering.

Water: As with all epiphytic orchids, Phalaenopsis should be planted in free-draining containers with large drainage holes so they never sit in water. For Rolling Nature Orchids you just need to run through water thoroughly in the given container once in 2-3 days. If they’re plump and white or green, that means they’re well-watered. If they’re shrivelled and grey, they need water.

Pruning: When the flowers completely bloom you can snip off with sharp scissors the old flowerless spikes from the base to maximize new growth.

Humidity: Misting the plant is suggested twice in a week. You can keep your orchid blooming longer if you provide a sufficiently warm and somewhat humid environment. Don't place your orchid where it will experience cold drafts or exposure to direct sunlight or heating vents. Dry air, direct heat, and chills are enemies of these delicate flowers.

How to get orchid to bloom?

Orchids can be stimulated to flowering if the temperature goes down for a few nights, such as the phalaenopsis orchid, which is luckily one of the most popular plants sold as houseplants. Orchids naturally start reblooming in cooler weather, so the fall or early winter is the perfect time. By this time, your orchid has rested up enough and it's time to trigger a rebloom. But otherwise, ensuring a bloom from your orchid is generally all about providing the proper light, moisture, temperature, humidity, food, and growing medium.

Your orchid should bloom at least once a year if not more, though species vary in blooming cycles. Orchid plants produce beautiful flowers for about 1 to 3 months. After that time, flowers and leaves fall off and you might fear that your plant is dead. Fortunately, this dormant period is a normal part of an orchid's life cycle and is necessary for the plant to produce more flowers.

Orchids by Rolling Nature

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Author: Vandana Chaudhary


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