Crassula Ovata: The “Jade” Money Plant

Crassula Ovata: The “Jade” Money Plant

Crassula Ovata or Jade is a renowned good luck & Feng Shui money cure. It is an evergreen succulent, with jade green coin shaped leaves which activates financial luck. It also brings in health & abundance along with prosperity. Jade is a perfect gift for all! A new business or a person is blessed when they receive this plant. It is gifted as a housewarming gift, also best to give on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries & other occasions.

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The Money Cure:

Rolling Nature brings you the most desired evergreen beautiful Crassula Ovata or Jade plant in finest, glossy cool in glossy finish exclusive ceramic planters. Jade earns its fame, as Feng Shui Money Cure or Money Magnet. It activates financial luck of the recipient with vibrant and well-rooted energy; growing energy that gets reflected in financial situation. A Crassula plant attract auspicious chi energy.

There’s a saying “Jade at the door, poor no more”. The much sought after plant attract auspicious chi energy. Jade plant, have beautiful jade-green color fleshy leaves that stands for growth and renewal, while the shape of the leaves resembles small coins, attracting material wealth and prosperity to the owner. It is a traditional gift for businesses and business owners place. A Jade Plant near the entrance of restaurants or shops, or in a southeast location brings prosperity and success. It reflects vibrant, well-rooted energy. That’s an ever-expanding energy you would like to see reflected in newfound money. The money tree plant is supposed to produce positive vibrations that will bring prosperity to the owner of the house or business.

The Friendship Link:

Jade is known as a friendship plant, as giving it away will only strengthen the friendship ties. It is rightly called symbol of friendship. Gifting a money plant is a good gesture which your friends will surely appreciate. Since this plant can survive for long, it will remain with your friends forever wishing then good fortune and prosperous life.

The Auspicious Energy:

Jade is Commonly known as Jade Tree Plant, jade plant, friendship tree, lucky plant or Money Plant in Feng Shui. Generally speaking, the most popular Feng Shui plants are evergreen plants with round, heart-shaped, thick and succulent looking leaves. As said above the Jade plant gives off nourishing “chi” the positive energy for fixing any Vastu or Feng Shui defects. The effects come into play only when the plant is placed in correct direction or area. The jade plant is an evergreen, keeping its foliage all year long. Evergreens are tied to the symbols of youth and growth.

The Right Placement Directions:

Let the Rolling Nature Jade plant invite abundance, wealth, and growth into your home. Place it in southeast or the wealth sector of your home or office. Placing Crassula at the door or at the cash counter of business is supposed to increase good finances. Put a jade in the east sector of your home, business or office to generate health luck. At the entrance of home/ office/ business/ cubicle. In the southeast corner which is wealth area. West: For new projects & children luck. East: For family harmony. Feng Shui & Vastu does not recommend keeping plants in bedroom as when we sleep, we have downward energy and plants or wood has upward energy. This upward energy conflicts with the sleep and creates sleeping disturbances.

Plant Care Instructions:

The Crassula grows happily in sunlight or bright day light. Putting the plant in direct sun will make the leaves reddish in color which happens to most succulents. Add water only when the soil turns dry. Adding 200 ml water once a week will be ideal. It’s a succulent so be careful not to overwater. Rolling nature jade potting mix is unique and requires very less watering. Care instructions comes along with each product from Rolling Nature. Plant will fairly grow well in the provided pot for years to come, no need to repot. Don’t move the plant much here and there, the jade plant loves staying in one spot with little sun or bright day light.  Yes, they flower too but it is rare.

Problem Troubleshoot Tip:

Once you see the Crassula Ovata plant is becoming droopy or the leaves are beginning to sink towards the floor you should understand something is wrong. The most common factor leading to this droopiness is overwatering. Water Crassula only when the soil turns dry. Don’t forget the plant belongs to succulent family, whose leaves store enough water with less dense shallow root system. Overwatering is one of the topmost reason leading to the demise of the plant.  Water less in winter, water more in summers. This particular Crassula Ovata variety from Rolling Nature thrives very well even in bright daylight so it can be kept indoors.

You need to boost the positive energy of your home and work environment by including live plants. Vaastu and Feng Shui both support this theory. It does really matter what kind of plants you have in your home and workplace. The humble Jade Plant doesn’t ask for much care but definitely rewards its owner. The jade in particular is a good choice for those who lack a green thumb. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and adds an element of nature and warmth to any place. Rolling Nature provides you ready potted, low maintenance, low watering requirement fresh plants in exotic pots that establish a style statement for you green décor.

Just a little love and care and Jade plant will be there for you forever. With time it will grow thick and big and branch to become a big tree, but it will not lose its beauty. In fact it will become more impressive with time.

Author: Vandana Chaudhary

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