Earth Needs an Overhaul: Love Thy Planet

Earth Needs an Overhaul: Love Thy Planet

April 22nd (Earth Day!) is coming up, bringing with it the perfect opportunity to think about ways we can help improve our planet from degrading. In order to change the way we treat our planet, we need to be knowledgeable about the environmental issues we face today and the actions we can take to solve them. Building awareness about earth’s climate change and its impact on the planet can help us create a greener, cleaner society. We need to sustain EARTH! We need to save what we have here wildlife, forests and more. We need to restore what is left over in terms of natural resources and energy. We need to stop polluting EARTH. Too much of human comfort is resulting into less informed individuals and alarming situations on earth beyond repair. We need to HEAL the EARTH, sooner the better.

A little change in our urban lifestyle can create a huge difference to this lovely planet which we call home. Even a little effort to save water, electricity, fuel, forests can work wonders. Imagine everyone everywhere stop polluting the environment, reduces waste, reuses and recycles most of the stuff and goes green. A little initiative at ground level can become monumental.

Let’s take a look at a big picture. Earth is losing over 15 billion trees every year, which means we are losing 56 acres of forest in a minute. Deforestation is continuous and of greatest concern as of now. The fight for a pollution-free environment persists with synergized urgency, as the devastation of climatic changes become more evident day by day. Species are vanishing at an alarming rate. We have pushed ourselves into a large scale devastation due to irresponsible global human activity.

Development is built on the infrastructure of education. The need of the moment is to give shape to a global populace well aware of the intricacies of climatic changes and well-informed of its sinister threat to our planet. We need to bring everyone on board with the knowledge to encourage activity to support environmental preservation. Ecological and climate awareness can be fostered with progressive environmental legislation and policies. 

Go green with Rolling Nature by making small changes that add up to making a big difference. Be an agent for change this Earth Day and Every Day! Commit to earth-friendly acts, make more sustainable choices, reduce your carbon footprint, conserve energy and resources, and collaborate on environmental projects in your community. Follow these simple tips which are easy and quick. #BreatheFreshIndoors #BringGardenIndoors #EnvironmentDay # EarthDay #RollingNature

Plant A Tree

Possess a Little Garden Indoor or Outdoor

Pick Up Litter

Bike to Work

Volunteer at an Earth Day/Environment Day/ Swachh Bharat Initiative/Event in Your Area

Buy Local Food 

Unplug Appliances

Minimize Water Wastage

Go Paperless

Reuse Papers for Printing

Switch to Energy Efficient Appliances and Bulbs

Skip the Bottled Water, Use Your Own Water Bottle

Carry a Bag when Shopping

Use Decomposable Garbage Bags if Needed

Make Compost

Find Time to Adore and Connect to Nature

Stop Others When They Pollute

Inculcate All the Above in Your Children

Stop Others When They Pollute

Each year, Earth Day reminds us that we all, collectively, must take care of this little blue and green home. After all, it’s the only one we have. Also stay tuned for more at Rolling Nature!

This article is by Vandana Chaudhary, Co-Founder of Rolling Nature.

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