Everything You Need to Know About ZZ Plant

Everything You Need to Know About ZZ Plant

Hello from Zamioculas or ZZ plant at Rolling Nature! 

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One stylish, accentuating, easiest to grow foliage houseplant that purifies indoor air well. A top pick by green décor & plant experts who insist it’s sassy yet super stylish as a live natural statement piece for interiors.

ZZ plant Green Décor Tips:

Perfect for: Garden, Office Desk, and Living Room.

Maximum Plant Growth: 3 Feet

A foolproof interesting collection to your green décor! Put them in a corner stand, or make them a centerpiece, the ZZ plant will definitely awe the visitors at your abode or workplace. The upward feathered leaves make Zamioculcas an ideal eye-catching plant for bringing greenery into an interior. The non-demanding plant works in both modern and traditional interiors, depending on the pot. They look heavenly in ceramic planters.

Zanzibar Gem, ZZ plant, Zamia, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, Plants, Ceramic Pot, Care, Rolling, Nature, Air, Purifying, Indoor, Gift


Fun Fact: ZZ plant is called a “Fat Boy Plant” because of its thick fat tuber rhizome.

Surprising Fact: ZZ plant is called Eternity plant because it’s believed that it can live forever. The ZZ plant’s scientific name is based on its resemblance to certain kinds of cycads, ancient plants that predate dinosaurs.


ZZ Plant Care Profile:

The uber modern plants as it looks the ZZ plant or Zamioculcas zamiifolia works well almost at all places. It’s stylish and unbelievably easy to care for. The plant fares well in all light conditions and doesn’t need water frequently so it is a great choice for urban busy dweller.

Maintenance Level: Super Easy to Grow

Light: Low Light, Shade to Bright Light

Water: Water when the soil is dry. Can tolerate neglect.  Do not overwater.

Soil: Well Drained.

Humidity: Average

Pruning: Cut away leaflets that are turning yellow near the base of a stem.

Potential Problems & Trouble shooting: No serious insect or disease problems. Can go through neglect.

Over Watering: The biggest mistake is overwatering that can cause root rot. However do not deprive the plant of water. The signs of overwatering is lower leaves turning yellow.

Leaf Tip Browning: It can be dry air & low humidity. Misting the leaves can improve humidity.

ZZ Plant Air Purifying Profile: The plant has air purifying qualities for the indoor environment. A Study from Department of Plant and Environmental Science at the University of Copenhagen from 2014 shows the plant is able to remove volatile organic compounds in this order of effectiveness: benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene at a molar flux of around 0.01 mol/(m2 day).

Toxicity profile:  Calcium Oxalate in leaves, sadly makes it not so pet and children friendly plant. Especially when you have naughty or curious ones. In case one of your pets nibbles on a ZZ plant, it will experience digestive problems such as vomiting and diarrhea.

The Botany:

Botanical Name: Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Common Names: Zanzibar GemZZ plantZuzu plantAroid palmEternity plant or Emerald palm

The botanical name derives from on the one hand the superficial similarity of its foliage to that of the cycad genus Zamia and on the other hand its kinship to the genus Colocasia, The genus name, "Zamioculcas" suggests its resemblance to the cardboard palm (Zamia furfuracea), which also seems confusing because the cardboard palm is not a palm. It, along with the sago palm (Cycas revoluta), are members of the Cycadaceae (cycad) family.

It is a stemless evergreen plant that typically grows to 3’ tall with attractive, pinnately compound leaves rising up from its rhizomes. Each leaf has 6-8 pairs of elliptic, glossy green leaflets (to 6” long). Flowers appear on mature plants. Flower structure consists of a spadix (erect spike of numerous tiny creamy white flowers) encased by a sheath-like green spathe. The plant is a crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM) plant, the only plant described in the Araceae. ZZ plant is technically an aroid and is more closely related to elephant ear, anthurium, and philodendron.

The Taxonomic Classification

Order:  Alismatales

Family: Araceae

Subfamily: Zamioculcadoideae

Genus: Zamioculcas Schott

Species: Z. zamiifolia

Type: Herbaceous perennial

Native Range: Eastern & Tropical Africa

Zanzibar Gem, ZZ plant, Zamia, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, Plants, Ceramic Pot, Care, Rolling, Nature, Air, Purifying, Indoor, Gift

Hope you now know everything about the stylish and easy to care for ZZ or Zamioculcas zamiifolia plant. It’s a beautiful choice for its enchanting tropical ancient age looks. Go for this plant if you believe you lack green thumb. It removes air borne toxins and keeps you healthy indoors! Look for our collection of ZZ plants at Rolling Nature.

Author: Vandana Chaudhary


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