How to Liven Up Your House During COVID-19

How to Liven Up Your House During COVID-19


Monica, Gibson, Rolling, Nature, Plants, Online, Indoor, Houseplants, Green, Gift, Covid, 19, Corona, Crises, Decor, Tips,The COVID-19 pandemic has people spending almost all of their time at home to self-isolate. Children are not going to school while some parents have moved their operations to work from home. Being at home 24/7 has people running out of ideas of things to do having exhausted watching TV, solving puzzles, and reading. If you are one of those people, you should not give up just yet. There are plenty of creative things that you can do to liven up your house for your family. Here are tips to help you out:

  1. Engage in DIY activities

There is nothing more fun and satisfying than engaging in a DIY project at this time. There are benefits of engaging in DIY projects which include stress reduction, mood improvement, skills acquisition, and provision of quality time with your family. The trick is to undertake a simple project because you would not want to render your house inhabitable at a time like this. One of the DIY projects that are highly recommended is home remodeling particularly bathroom renovation. There are several ways that you can revamp your bathroom including painting, installing a new shower curtain, shower replacement, and getting new vanities. It will interest you to know that these remodeling activities are cost-effective hence they will not create a hole in your finances. Additionally, they will take a significant amount of your time keeping you busy during these pandemic times.

  1. Take to exercising

If you are a fan of physical activity, you must know how difficult it has become to exercise in the gym and the outdoors. However, you can liven your house by exercising by getting everyone involved. For instance, you can get your family to take part in yoga while at home a couple of times a week. Yoga is one of those exercises that you can perform with ease without the need for any equipment. You could also let loose and take to dancing. Currently, there are numerous YouTube channels that you can subscribe to get access to dance videos. To make it more fun, you can get dancing costumes for the genre of music that you are dancing to. Apart from keeping you busy, these exercises will have your blood and heart rate pumping thereby keeping you healthy and fit.

  1. Experiment with cooking

Before COVID-19, most of you were accustomed to ordering take-out and dining out. At the moment, the safest way to get your meals is to make them yourself. Instead of ordering out, you can start making things from scratch from the pastries to the gourmet meals that you love. You can make cooking a family function where you try to follow written recipes and experiment with new ingredients. Make sure you have all the ingredients necessary and you can store them in RTA wood cabinets. Additionally, you can make themes such as Mexican, Italian, or Cuban in your kitchen while you cook foods from different regions. Themes could be decoration or music to make your house livelier. When creating these meals, be sure to make something that you enjoy eating because after all, you want to sit and consume what you made.

  1. Engage in science projects

The future for science is bright and you need to start tapping into that. These days, there are numerous science courses that you can do online and get practical experience in the comfort of your home. If you think of yourself as a “mad scientist”, you can take on projects to build robots whose parts come from box kits. You can also start developing terrariums to dig out fossils and growing crystals. You can get kits for these projects in your local store or on Amazon for $10 or less. These projects will have to explore your imagination to create some of the most futurist ornaments. Well, if you do not know how to go about cracking these science projects, you can watch tutorials from YouTube before embarking on these activities.

  1. Go green with your home

What’s better than simply redecorating your house and making it a more beautiful place to live in? Well, the positive feelings increase if what you are doing also helps the environment. Think of the first time you partnered with a property management company and they helped you find this dear house of yours. However, now you can transform it even more. Some of the most creative ways you can go green are by tending to your garden, planting flowers, watering them, and enjoying the blissfully scented area. Gardens are especially ideal when the weather is sunny and warm outside, however, what about when it starts getting cold? In such cases, you might consider curating your own indoor garden, one that will perfectly mimic the outside one. To build this you can make use of one of the existing rooms in your house that you don’t use and fill it with lots of plants. Indoor plants have a number of benefits, like boosting your productivity, relieving stress, and refreshing the entire house.


The only way to survive in your home during this COVID-19 period is by livening things up. You can start DIY remodeling projects, exercising, cooking, or engaging in science projects to create excitement in your house. You can engage in all these activities at once or do them one at a time based on your needs. Staying at home does not need to be boring. Thus, start getting creative ASAP!

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