Plant Obsession: Why Growing Plants is the Most Loved Activity

Plant Obsession: Why Growing Plants is the Most Loved Activity

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Growing houseplants is not a new concept. Humans have been keeping trees and plants in pots for hundreds of years. This activity goes back to the hanging gardens of Babylon. However, these days houseplants have seen a huge boom in popularity. You can sense this on social media websites such as Instagram. You will find the whole platform filled with several gorgeous houseplant photographs depicting apartments filled with several potted houseplants. Here are the reasons behind this rising trend.

You can grow healthy items

Gardening not only offers an excellent opportunity to try new foods, but it’s also a great way of getting more adventurous with your diet. With all the fresh produce you grow there's no shortage in terms of vitamins and minerals that will help fill up any nutritional deficiencies! There are few things more satisfying than digging into your own fresh vegetables, fruits or even legumes from the garden! Don’t get discouraged if things don't go perfectly in the first few tries - gardening requires patience.

Socializing through gardening

If you’re looking for an engaging activity that will bring your friends and family together, look no further than gardening. Through this process of working side-by-side in the dirt while learning about one another through conversations over snacks or drinks - it's hard not to become close with those around us!

You can also use plants as a git. This is the perfect way to show your appreciation for an important person in life. Imagine receiving a lovely gift that was carefully chosen by someone who knew exactly what you like, additionally knowing that it originated from their own hands!

Physical and mental advantages of houseplants

If there is one thing people love in their houseplants is the wellness it brings. Yoga pants are here for a long time and self-care has become a part of people's everyday life. Houseplants can provide both physical and mental benefits. The health advantages of nature on human wellbeing are well-known.

By bringing in the plants it makes things much more accessible. If you do not have time for forest bathing or hiking you can prune some of the houseplants instead. It is a fact that interaction with the houseplants is likely to reduce your blood pressure, calm your nervous system, and promote an overall feeling of wellness. Although houseplants need a lot of work, many people find it relaxing as it forces them to slow down and tend to things. It also provides a break away from technology.

Plants bring nature within the home

Another major reason for indoor gardeners to love houseplants is that they bring a touch of nature to the home. Most people are busy with demanding jobs and as a result, they may not get the chance to spend time with nature as much as they like. A lot of them reside in an urban setting where it is difficult to find nature close by. Therefore, they must prepare their home for indoor plants by paying attention to temperature and the right lighting needed for indoor plants. Due to the constantly rising home prices, student debts, and a fiercely competitive job market, a lot of youngsters are putting off the house buying exercise and are preferring to rent a place. Houseplants in this case are a terrific way of carving out a small piece of nature within a small place.


Sales for houseplants are continually rising and the modern young generation is leading the way towards planned parenthood and the creation of urban jungle. It fulfills the desire to connect with nature extensively and contributes towards the blossoming wellness movement.

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