Rolling Nature Plants: Basic Care Guide

Rolling Nature Plants: Basic Care Guide

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Feeling all is NOT OK with your Rolling Nature Plant. We are here to help. Read on & follow this basic care guide to say bye to all issues.

Plants are loved by all! Having fresh, green, healthy plants around feels so good. Did you know that “this good feeling” is all dependent on “us”. Naturally plants adapt & take what is required from Mother Nature? They undergo survival fights & live on “Survival of the fittest”. However, if you are a proud plant owner, you would be knowing you play a crucial role, as you are the sole giver of right conditions especially at your homes or offices. Being a Plant Mom / Plant Dad to your plants is not an easy task. The decisions you take or the instructions you follow for the plant care, is absolutely significant. After all, you are nurturing an adorable living thing “A Plant”. For those who don’t have a green thumb, they struggle a lot with plant care steps, with the fear that something might go definitely wrong with that little thing. All individuals are different, we have different needs, and similarly plants also have different requirements. Giving them everything right as a provider, is your responsibility.

Let’s see what’s the basic needs of a plant? Light, Water, Soil, Air & Humidity. This is so easy, who doesn’t know that! Huh. But wait, the right amount is bit tricky. Do you have to be a horticulturist or a Botanist or Plant expert for that? Not necessary, at least for Rolling Nature Plants! Just a bit of information & chances are you will have a happy plant! It depends on the conditions & care schedule you provide.

We will discuss one by one what conditions, care or maintenance is required by Rolling Nature Plants.

Light: Each plant have different light requirements. Succulents including jades & cacti thrive well in sunny spots or prefer brightest area in the house. The succulents & cacti have shallow root system, along with slow growth. They can grow well even in tiniest pot. Foliage indoor plants, generally fare well in bright day light areas or dappled light. They need proper light to grow, their function of photosynthesis works well only with good light. However there are plants that grow & do very well in low or artificial light. Few of these are easy to maintain Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen), Chamadoraea (Parlour Palm), Money Plants ( Pothos), ZZ plant ( Zamia), Dracaena (Janet Craig) etc. Luckily these plants have greater surface area, they absorb much of the pollutants through leaves & they undergo phytoremediation, which breaks down toxic pollutants in the roots of these plants. Flowering plants, need sunlight for the process of flowering. However, plants such as Anthurium or Peace Lily have bright spadix which are not real flowers, such plants need bright day light for good growth & onset of new spadix stalks.

Always remember, the indoor foliage plants, hate direct bright sun. Their leaves can be burned by heat. So best placement for plants is an area where it receives bright day light without direct sun. You can however place plants where they receive early morning or late afternoon sunlight, which is not harsh. Check the plants placement in summers & adjust their locations according to the light.

Water: This is where most of us go wrong. As a rule rolling nature potted plants, should be watered only when the top soil is dry. Sticking to a watering schedule solves most of the plant issues. Once a week watering works great for all Rolling Nature Plants. For 3-4 inch height planters, ideal watering is 50 to 60 ml per week. For 4.5 to 6 inch planters, 150 -200 ml watering is good. For containers 10 inches & above, 400 ml will be sufficient.

The biggest cause of demise of any plant generally, is over watering. Yes, you hear it right. Watering every day or alternate days’ work well in outdoor gardens but indoors you can kill your plant by doing so. Over-watering leads to increase in all kind of bacterial, fungal infections. Too much of water can cause bunch of troubles. The root rot is biggest one. Once the onset of root rot begins, it’s really difficult to fix it. The plant symptoms may include falling of leaves, tender stems & drooping of branches.

Succulents suffer maximum with over-watering, they can die immediately. They are naturally less water loving & they are happy with less water only. Rolling Nature plants boast of low maintenance, & yes less watering frequency is equal to low maintenance only. Thanks to the potting mix. We don’t want you to water your indoor plants every day. Once a week is the golden rule. The plants which have higher water requirements come along with such instructions. During summers, the frequency of watering may be increased, in Northern parts of India. Make sure you touch the soil to ensure it’s dry. Water only after checking the moisture in the soil.

If you are concerned with dullness or browning tips in spider plant or ferns, then it may be time to switch to RO water/ filtered water. Hard water,  Fluoridated water or chlorinated water can cause trouble to the plants. Generally, its good to use filtered water for all our plants. 

Soil: Rolling Nature plants come ready potted in the pot as shown. Soil or potting mix is unique. Each plant has different soil requirement & the soil provided is suited for the plants, whether it be indoor foliage or succulents or any other type. The plant comes in small container that raises an alarm in few customers. This should not worry you at all. What we are talking here is small container gardening. We all have a notion that plants come in jumbo pots & they need ample space. This is not true. Plants can grow well in these pots. Our plants have been tested & experimented for all kinds of growth conditions for small containers. They are raised & grown in these pots only. The soil is a proper mixture with everything the plant needs. The plants thrive well for few months & selected & handpicked at a certain growth age when they are ready. The plant growth is such that the plant will fairly grow in the provided pot for almost 2 years. The level of growth, at which the plant comes to you, is perfect for the future growth in even that small pot. The potting mix, creates a better shelf life for the plant, with increased water retention. See a  rolling nature money plant in white dice,  image below, which is 2.5 years old & has been just given proper care, with just normal watering schedule. Shared by one of our plant enthusiast. Hope this gives you some Green Goals!

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Air: Fresh air is important & do not neglect this part. Indoor plants do need a breath of air at times. If not they may suffer & will not grow well. Open few windows, to let the fresh air in. OR just keep the plant in a place outdoors for a day in a week or for 2-3 days in a fortnight. To function better, the plant may has to be kept in natural conditions & this little difference count. Just make sure you don’t suffocate the plants.

Humidity: The plants don’t like indoor dryness. The air conditioning & dry weather may cause some discomfort to them. To avoid this issue you can help out your green foliage buddy by spraying or misting water at least once or twice a week. This water sprinkle will also remove the dust from the leaves & it will give the plant a fresh look. When the leaf surface is clean, the plant functions better, in terms of transpiration, respiration & photosynthesis function.

Placement:  For all Feng Shui plants SouthEast of home or office is the best direction to place. The wealth area or corner is top favorite for the experts. For all plants there comes a placement tip, which you can read & follow. Generally Feng Shui & Vastu encourages use of live plants, fountains etc for upward energy or positive chi. They cleanse negative energy. Live plants mostly create a very positive effect on the residents. The thorny plants should be avoided. Also the plants should not be kept in the bedroom as a rule.

Rolling Nature provides indoor small container plants for green décor & green gifting. We get plenty of orders & we want our customers to do the right thing when they receive the plants. It’s because once you bring in a plant, it’s up to you to maintain the plant health. We get really sad when we see customers losing their plant buddies, because of lack of knowledge. However, we provide all kinds of details at the product page essentially about plant care & placement. It’s a humble request to read that nicely. Also, we send care instruction card along with the plant, which needs to carefully followed. In case there are any further issue, we request our customers to immediately connect with us with a plant picture at or 8698407574, to help you out with the plant health issue. This is the after sales service that we are happy to offer always. It breaks our heart when we discover that a plant didn’t survive. We have worked towards very low maintenance plants & our care guidelines when followed well, generally yield good results. Our plants grow well in provided containers for 2 years minimum as a rule, by just adding water.

Author: Vandana Chaudhary

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