Collection: Emoji Collection

Rolling Nature brings you the Green Emoji Collection which you are sure to love. Give a quirky gift to someone or pep up your home or work desk with these! They look super cute. Array of expressions will go green with fresh plants in these exclusive emoji pots from Rolling Nature. Take a step ahead with the exclusive Emoji collection, when it comes to gifting. The beauty of these ceramic planters with the freshest plants will impress the recipients right away.

These beautiful handcrafted fine pots, with cute n funny expressions comes ready potted with succulents, good luck, air purifying plants. The plants in these little pots have special potting mix, which means that they have greater shelf life. Just add water and follow care instructions and you will have a happy plant for years to come. When you buy from Rolling Nature be assured that you are buying from experts. The plants & the pots are of impeccable quality with the brand credibility of years. Get these little plants, from experts in container gardening. The plant comes with care instructions, and will grow in these little pots for more that two years with proper care.