Collection: Best Selling Air Purifying Plants by Rolling Nature

Bring in plants recommended by Rolling Nature & stay fresh & healthy! We tell you why?

Indoor air is 2-4 tims more polluted than outdoors. Humans stay indoors for the 90% of their life span. So indoor plants are a must to have a healthy lifestyle where we can breathe fresh air. They come with ample benefits including work productivity increase and aversion of sick building syndrome.

· Plants visually enhance interiors along with more Oxygen.

· Fresh air indoors reduces stress, increases efficiency and benefits overall health.

· Plants transpire and act as natural indoor humidifiers.

· Indoor air is 10 times bad than outdoors. Plants filter air by removing toxic pollutants.

· NASA Clean Air Study recommends at least 1 Plant in an area of 100 Square Feet

Ready potted low maintenance elegant air purifying indoor plants in glossy colorful pots are a breakthrough from the boring black or brown plastic containers. We offer you a  NASA approved plants in vibrant finest quality ceramic pots.