Collection: Plant Subscription Box

Want to send someone the gift that keeps on giving? Try a Rolling Nature Plant Subscription Box. Or buy it for yourself. Bring Garden Indoors.

Yes, we now offer plant subscription box! Save more when you buy more! Try our Good Luck OR Air Purifying Plant Subscriptions Now! Feel Special!

Many nature enthusiasts are huge lover of all things green. Adding a few green plants into your home spruces things up and adds beautiful texture to a space. When your friend or family member receives the gift every month or season, they will be reminded of your thoughtfulness. At the same time, they will have a new box of plants to try out and enjoy their benefits. We bring you air purifying and good luck plants subscription box.

What’s included? It comes with a ready to display hand-picked live plant which is fresh and healthy. The pots are handcrafted, versatile and durable. The potting mix is unique, which has great water retention and better shelf life, which means less frequent watering.  Also, we give you a care info leaflet, to guide you with the care part.  There are Feng Shui and Vastu tips provided too. The packing is very unique, the plant will be delivered to your doorstep safe and secure in specially designed ventilated plant boxes.