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Air Purifying Live Green Fern Plant in White Bucket Dew Ceramic Pot

Air Purifying Live Green Fern Plant in White Bucket Dew Ceramic Pot

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  • Material: Natural Live Plant & Ceramic Pot, Qty: 1 (Plant with Pot)
  • Pot Color: White, Pot Diameter: 4 inches (10 cm), Height: 4 inches (10 cm)
  • Plant with Pot Height: 7 - 10 Inches
  • Feng Shui Good Luck Plant for Prosperity
  • Air Purifying Indoor Plant

Ferns are very popular air purifying houseplants approve by NASA. It is a plant that offers beauty and health benefits. These plants act as humidifiers and can help to restore moisture in the air so they are perfect for those who suffer from dry skin and other cold weather problems. Ferns improve the air quality of indoor environments by absorbing formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene and reducing peoples' exposure to nasty airborne chemicals in homes and offices. Grouped air purifying plants such as fern, spider plant, pothos, money plant, peace lily, syngoniums, snake plant, anthuriums etc are known to effectively clean the indoor air.
Light: Although mostferns grow in moist shady places like forest floors, this does not mean that they need no light. Their normal situation in the wild is dappled light, and if the light level in the home is too low, you will see poor growth and yellowing fronds. Give your ferns a position near a window that gets morning or late afternoon sun, and keep the ferns away from strong sunlight, especially during the summer. Direct sunlight will make them lose their leaves or turn their fronds yellow.
Humidity: Mist the leaves with water regularly. Ferns love being misted at regular intervals with tepid, soft water unless the humidity of the whole room is kept high through the use of a humidifier.
Water: Most ferns like an evenly moist soil with regular waterings. Allowing the soil to dry out between watering's stresses these plants. The potting mix should never be allowed to dry out much, which may mean watering the plant a little every single day is important. Bring your garden inside with elegant indoor plants in embossed ceramic pots from Rolling Nature. Rolling Nature's Aroez ceramic pot collection designs are inspired by Italian Sgraffito pottery. The pot is made from high quality ceramic to ensure durability and longevity. These piece of arts with beautiful green plants in them will mesmerize you.

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