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Rolling Nature Good Luck Air Purifying Exotic Anthurium Red Plant in Blue Drip Glazed Pitcher Ceramic Pot

Rolling Nature Good Luck Air Purifying Exotic Anthurium Red Plant in Blue Drip Glazed Pitcher Ceramic Pot

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  • Material: Natural Live Plant & Handcrafted Ceramic Pot, Qty: 1 Plant with Pot
  • Pot Color: Blue, Pot Diameter: 5.5 Inches, Height: 5 Inches
  • Plant with Pot Height: 12 - 14 Inches
  • Feng Shui Good Luck Plant for Prosperity
  • Air Purifying Indoor Plant
Wish joyous & prosperous Diwali through exclusive Rolling Nature Fresh Plants in Hand Crafted Pots with Diya & Greeting Card. According to Feng Shui, Anthuriums attract positive energy. Anthuriums are lucky plants and they bring good luck in your relationships. The anthurium flower is known universally as a symbol of hospitality, as this exotic beauty thrives in nearly any location in the home or office. The red, heart-shaped flower of Anthuriums brings joy and happiness wherever they go. This exotic red anthurium adds a dash of luxury to your house. Combined with the glossy high quality yellow pot; it truly creates an amazing environment in your house. Anthuriums make lovely gifts because of their exotic-looking blooms, but they are not just pretty! They are one of the best houseplants that purify indoor air. Their large, dark leaves suck up ammonia, formaldehyde, toluene and xylene, so they're a thoughtful present for a workplace (especially around copiers, printers or adhesives). Anthuriums are also known as Flamingo flowers and pigtail plants. Anthuriums are relatively easy to grow, have attractive foliage and under the proper environment, produce long lasting flowers year round. Its leaves are usually simple, large, attractively colored and borne on long stalks. The flowering stalk is slender, ending in a fleshy column crowded with many flowers. Anthuriums are grown for their brightly colored flower spathes and their ornamental leaves. : Anthuriums need a high light but not direct sunlight. Anthurium plants can tolerate all levels of indirect light, but Anthuriums growing in low light will have fewer flowers and will grow slower. These plants cannot tolerate direct light, however, as this can burn the leaves. It grows best in bright, indirect light.
Water: Water your Anthurium thoroughly, but allow it to dry slightly between watering’s. Do not over-water the Anthuriums as it may cause root damage and yellowing of the leaves. The beautiful handcrafted Rolling Nature drip glaze pot is inspired by famous mexican dripware pottery. It sure is one of a kind exclusive living gifts that will enhance any interiors.
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