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Rolling Nature Good Luck Jade Plant in White Pear Glacier Ceramic Pot

Rolling Nature Good Luck Jade Plant in White Pear Glacier Ceramic Pot

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What's in the Box?

1 Live Jade Plant in Ceramic Pot.
1 Care Instructions Card


Pot Diameter: 4 Inches (10 cm)
Pot Height: 4 Inches (10 cm)
Plant with Pot Height: 7 - 9 Inches

Care Instructions

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2-4 days

The jade plant is a beautiful succulent. The jade in particular is a good choice for those who lack a green thumb. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and adds an element of nature and warmth to any place. Place jade plant in east location for family harmony, health, project initiation, scholarly pursuit. In southeast location for wealth luck. In west locations for creativity or children luck. In northwest locations for the luck of mentors, teachers and helpful people. In front of the office or in the office cubicle, so as to attract more business or more income. Do not place jade plant it in bedroom or bathroom. Light: The important aspect of the care and maintenance of jade plants is how much sun they receive. Jade love sunny spots. If you can provide few hours of sunshine every day, you will have a happy plant. Although Jade plants prefer full sun, but they will fare well in bright day light and also will tolerate light shade to grow well. If you want to place them indoor, they need to be placed at least once or twice in a week in full sun for healthy growth. Water: Jade is a succulent and it stores water in leaves. Water your jade plant when the top of soil is just dry to the touch. Make sure you do not over water, it can lead to root rot. 50-100 ml water is suggested for one time watering for better results. Also check for any signs of shriveled or dry leaves it may be because you are neglecting the watering part.

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