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Rolling Nature Philodendron Broken Heart Indoor Plant for Home in White Bucket Glacier Ceramic Pot

Rolling Nature Philodendron Broken Heart Indoor Plant for Home in White Bucket Glacier Ceramic Pot

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What's in the Box?

1 Live Philodendron Broken Heart Monstera in Ceramic Pot.
1 Care Instructions Card


Pot Diameter: 4 Inches
Pot Height: 4.5 Inches
Plant with Pot Height: 10-12 Inches

Care Instructions

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2-4 days

This unique broken heart plant is a stunner! It’s a must-have jungalicious vine. It looks like the heart shape leaves are naturally crafted with beautiful fenestrations! Hence the plant has the dramatic looks and the name is broken heart! The finely crafted leaves resemble paper cutting craft and look so intricate yet fragile. However don’t take this plant as a weakling! It’s surprisingly very easy to care for beginners and experts. This plant with exotic appearance will stay in good health with proper care. It is sometimes called as broken heart philodendron. However it is Monstera Adansonii and looks like miniature Monstera Deliciosa. Adansonii is not different from Monstera friedrichsthalii, it’s generally used for the exact same plant in very initial age as a synonym. It immediately accentuates your indoor home décor with tropical feel in rolling nature decorative glossy ceramic planters. The broken heart leaf plant is also called as “Swiss Cheese Plant” owing to its unique shape of leaves and leaf patterns. Surprisingly they are “fast growers” and you will love the bushy effect along with trailing vines. The leaves are dark green, leathery and glossy. These plants love to vine and climb. If you desire, you can train your Monstera Adansonii to climb up a stake or a wall. Botanists believe that the holes in its leaves help the plant to stand up to high winds and allow light to pass through to lower parts of the plant in its natural environment.

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